Free thought, Critical thinking & Science advancement good for the world, Am i right ?...

I am a Ugandan free thinker, feel sadden at the way religions are mushrooming in our communities.My country is set up on a christian foundation and our national motto is "for god and my country" i am among the few people against this motto for it holds no meaning especially when one has researched about the origins of the word god and discovers that its just an invention of man, in other words we humans have created the word "god", another blunder is creation of super naturalism out of nature.

I think Human species have the right to live on their own, let the people not be confused that someone big out there in the clouds or every where is watching them and will judge them when they do good or bad, i think the existence of Human rights organizations, Democratic governments, Education free from dogma and indoctrinations and Secular organizations have got a clear path towards ensuring progress and well being of the human species.

My fore fathers believed in superstitions before the western & Asian religions surfaced on our planet, the missionaries there after came with their religions, a mission that was aimed at spreading monotheism where originally my ancestors believed in many gods, they aimed at colonizing our lands, stealing natural resources and also participated in Slave trade and this to me is ridiculous.All these were done and won because our people were ignorant, illiterate and had no exposure to information.

In this era of Information age,i think its better we rise and say enough is enough, no more fooling of human beings, we can live good without god, we even don't need him in our lives and are not interested in his rewards of heaven and punishments of hell, All we need is to be proud of ourselves as humans, be good to ourselves and other creatures, protect the environment for future generations,support science & technology, promote critical thinking and make this world a better place.

One step i have made is setting up a Humanist organization called Kasese United Humanist Association and Kasese Humanist Primary School, Fellow free thinkers can access what i do at and

I have attached a photo of my recent projects to this article and free thinkers that are inspired by what i do are welcome to post comments, suggestions and ideas how i can realize my dreams in my attempts to fight superstitions that is deep rooted in my people.

I think fellow Africans we should stand out from the crowds and we promote Reason & Empirical Evidence in what ever that comes our way.

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This looks very cool Robert. Don't you worry that openly associating the school with atheism will lead to attacks and intimidation?




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