Well, I'm back, sorry for being away for so long, but anyway, i just wanted to know where everybody was from. We have some new members, so it would nice to know. to start this off, i am from Cape town, in sunny South Africa. So, tell us!

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Formally from Cape Town, now living in the frozen hell that is Minnesota, USA
ah. man, you're missing out! well, ok the weather has been unbearably hot for awhile, but i suppose that's a good thing :)
Hey, Fairlyhyperman, love your avatar. Was just watching Clockwork Orange on Blu-ray last night :-)
"Hello, and welcome to the axe research laboratories, towards a deeper understanding of women!"
"Hello, doctor what do you have to say about the samples?"
"Yes doctor. Most women said they liked it 6-7 times a day! one in the evening, one in the afternoon, and one in the morning!"
"These results fill me with hope"
"One respondant said she like to have it every hour! Proving that women find nothing more irresistible than...chocolate!"

I'm from Johannesburg.
From Pretoria. And yes I'm a Blue Bull :p
Nooo! Stormers FTW!
Okay that was my rugby enthusiasim showing...sorry *stuffs enthusiasim back* That should help :)
Oh, um, from Centurion. Missed the point a wee bit :-) Also, go Titans!
I was born in Nigeria, now living in South FL.
Yay! Its someone from outside of South Africa! So nice to have you here! :)
Hey - Roodepoort, Johannesburg.
Yes me too. (CPT)

I joined here because I am looking for an Atheist group that will start to organise for protection of secular rigth-s in South Africa. I tried another atheist group and found that it was a bloging adventure of wit and intellect - without any direction. I liked Brother Rcoard's approach, and though that we would be able to raise simialr issues in South Africa.




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