No matter what your political leanings might be we should all be able to agree that the current American Values Network campaign is horrendous. Their “Ayn Rand vs. Jesus”campaign seeks to attack conservative Republicans by first demonizing atheists. They are so blinded by their own bigotry that the fail to recognize they have made themselves mirror images of those they are attacking. Libertarian and “Tea Party” Republicans focus completely on her political views while ignoring her personal life. The AVN focus entirely on her being an atheist and ignore all other aspects of her life. Of course there is their apparent attitude that atheism is automatically evil.


Please watch the video on their page and when you are irritated enough email them to let them know how ignorant, intolerant, and abhorrent it is.

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Haven't read Atlas, but I slogged my way through The Fountainhead.  IIRC, Rand was an admirer of a serial killer active when she was writing the book because he didn't care what anybody thought about him and did whatever he wanted.  Today, we would call that person a sociopath.  Rand  gave him a fictional life as Howard Roark, master architect, born without the ability to care about another person.  It explains a lot about the GOP leadership.
I congratulate you one getting through Fountainhead.  I couldn't.
If you guys want an Ayn Rand book you can make it through, read 'Anthem'. It's the best book, and the shortest, she's ever written. And it's amazing.
Mediocre writing and half-baked philosophy.  It wasn't easy.  Should've waited  for the movie . . . .
Personally, I despise Rand. But that isn't why I posted. The AVN is bashing all atheists. The are smearing us and then using that ignorant bias to attack conservatives.




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