I am letting all you humanists know about my new book, just published by McFarland. It is called The Humanism of Doctor Who: A Critical Study in Science Fiction and Philosophy. In it, I discuss and explain humanist philosophy from its Greek origins to its present practitioners and show how Doctor Who portrays humanist values and concerns in dramatic form. You can get it at the usual places in both traditional and electronic form. Amazon: The Humanism of Doctor Who. Barnes and Noble: The Humanism of Doctor Who. Amazon UK: The Humanism of Doctor Who. Books-A-Million: The Humanism of Doctor Who. McFarland and Co.: The Humanism of Doctor Who.

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Congrats - this looks like a great book - can't wait to read it.

...from its Greece roots to the present...like Sophie's world kind of..? it must be of interest...i would wish to get hold of it one day...by the way i am desperately looking for Bertrand Russell's history of western philosophy...CONGRATULATIONS and all the very best...

Nsajigwa in Tanzania east Afrika

I've been looking at this book for months wondering whether it's worth buying. The price tag is steep - 40 bucks, with *literally* not a single review online that I can find.

If anyone's read this book since it's been published, can they write a summary review on it?

Ava - Sorry about the price. There is a kindle version for a mere $32.

Matt - I have no idea whether it is in-store. There might be a store somewhere that has it. You could certainly order it at B&N. It is also widely available online, and now in a Kindle edition. I wish I had better information for you.


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