Published 02-01: What to Think About: Philosophy for a Thoughtful Younger Generation by Chris Brockman.  This book for 13-18 year olds is the followup to What about gods? my pioneering book of religious skepticism for children.  What about gods? ended with "Keep on thinking!"  What to think About takes up from there by suggesting that philosophy, the love of wisdom, and science provide not only many possible answers, but a framework within which to think.  What to Think About is challenging but accessible, addressing the reader throughout and providing many examples and age-appropriate scenarios.

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I like the idea of a philosophy for the thoughtful younger ones among us. 

I was motivated as a parent, years ago, to provide my children with a real book to counteract the ubiquitous religious propaganda they faced.  A that time, there were none; hence, What about gods?  It's time, now, for an appropriate, usable introduction to philosophy that short circuits religion for my teenage grandchildren. 

Oh, I like your idea of providing books for your children and grandchildren since there are very few books out. One of our members just published a book for young people. 

Don, Bredes wrote Polly and the One and Only World. He can be found at our Nexus Book Club,

Don's book looks really good.  I'll put it on my must read list

Let me add that POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD is beginning to get some national attention--no easy thing in today's very crowded market.  With an atheist witch for its heroine and Christian fundamentalists for its villains, POLLY is just the sort of novel to appeal to A|N members.




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