Do any of you still culturally identify with a religion or denomination? I've heard so many people describe themselves as "culturally Catholic" or "culturally Jewish", etc. But what all does that entail?

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I UU. Do you UU too?
lol I grew up UU. I would still UU but alas no UU here.
For myself, connecting with any of that sort of labeling is more about the residual acculturation from my upbringing, or the beliefs I've culled from that upbringing I wish to bring forward with me.

For example, I consider myself a recovering Catholic as that is what I was raised with, and must now contend with as I live my life. It has little significance otherwise.
I am a Jew by tradition, a UU by affiliation, a Humanist in spirituality and an atheist by belief. There is nothing wrong with admitting ones traditions and background. It part of makes us individuals and not part of a herd.
Depending on the region, this can still be an important designation, especially in places like Northern Ireland. I think it was the Irish comedian Dara O'Briain who cracked wise about being an atheist and was asked whether he was a Catholic-atheist or a Protestant-atheist...
Aiden, that's hilarious!  I guess I'm a Catholic-atheist.  Isn't Irishcatholic one word?  My father taught me that there are no Irish-protestants, just invaders who never went back to England and Scotland.

Yeah, I come from an Irish Catholic family as well.


Actually, many of the "Irish Protestants" see themselves as English/British, despite being born in Ireland and having family there for 300+ years. However, there are and have always been Protestants on the side of Irish Nationalism, so it's not a purely religious conflict. As much as I loathe the Catholic church, I still identify with the "Catholic side" of the struggle simply on a civil rights level.

 Thanks Aiden, Dara O is a hoot!

I actually do do still connect with my Lutheran roots. My family is from the midwest and they're Scandanavian so it kind of goes with my heritage. I wouldn't say that I am a cultural Lutheran, but I would say I connect with my Lutheran roots.

 I think there may still be a tendency to identify with the past.  I was raised mainly Southern Baptist, and can still tell you all about it.  We always knew where we were going to be Sunday morning and evening, and Wednesday evenings. 

Hubby was raised Catholic, but never went after they stopped forcing him to.  He goes for weddings or funerals, and that is all the more often he is ever inside a church.  He isn't an atheist, but seems pretty darn close to it.

Seems like an oxymoron to me. It seems to come down to our failure to move away from tribal tendencies. After all, what can religious affiliations contribute that non-religious affiliations can't?


My mom is a theist (never cared for organized religion) and my dad is an atheist. My extended family is predominantly, though nominally, Christian. They are however a bunch of religious mutts; Catholics, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Episcopalians, various Evangelical/Charismatic denominations. Some practicing, some lapsed.

I'm an ex-catholic and at times have defined myself as culturally catholic. Someday maybe that will be all that is left of catholicism. My family is Louisiana Creole and they have always been ferociously catholic often to their own detriment. 




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