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"Do the Math" an outstanding interview that deserves attention. Living an exponential lifestyle is killing us and denying that fact creates a delusion with huge consequences. This notion of GROWTH as a goal in life defies critical thinking. In nature an organism grows to a point and begins the aging phase of decline; it is normal, natural, and a fact of life. It is what it is. We can't grow in population at the levels we have in the past (theologians take note), we can't consume natural resources at the present levels (developers take note), we can't think only of our present needs (bankers take note), we must think of future generations. 

Do the Math

Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options—by Tom Murphy


One year ago today, Do the Math was born with a post on the absurdity of continued growth—in this case illustrating a Galaxy-consuming civilization in a mere 2500 years.

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I agree Joan - we can't keep consuming and expect anything to be left for future generations.


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