FULL Why Do People Laugh at Creationists By: Thunderf00t

Quite by accident, I ran across a video that amused me at first, but upon thinking about it, realized the most recent discussions I have had with individuals, many of them stated the same things this very sophomoric lad stated. He not only believes what he says, but other "reasonable" people do as well. 

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There's a great common sense (and rather humorous) takedown of creationism at "grumblesfromanoldgrouch.com". 

Check out "The Theory of Evil-ution vs The Mythology of Creationism (pts 1&2)"

Dave, thanks for the referral to "grumblesfromanoldgrouch.com and "The Theory of Evil-ution vs ... Looking forward to read them. 

Greg, Hi! The things I like about Thunderf00t is his odd way of seeing things and upon reflection, he makes valid points; other times he is not anywhere close. He is a good one to read and then put some good critical thinking to test his thinking processes. Sometimes he scores, others he flops. The way he strung together the "Why do people laugh at creationists" video quotes, revealing the utter absurdity of their statements, it is not hard to laugh. 

Yeah, Venomfang x had to apologize on YouTube to Thunderf00t.  He left then briefly came back.  I think he is gone again. 

Oh, is that who that kid was? I couldn't believe his Mamma didn't take his computer away from him. Hi! Susan. Great to hear from you. 

Good to hear from you to Joan.

I just Googled the kid and I am amazed at what he has done and how long he has gotten away with his shenanigans. 
This report was updated:

This has been a very interesting project. The other people mocked by Thunderf00t aren't any better. He can very quickly spot the distortions and lies but that doesn't seem to stop slanders against non-believers. That Kent Hovind guy, and Ken Ham and others of that ilk spread their poison and people believe them. 

Good question.  I’d say because they’re so incredibly gullible and they do stupid things like playing with snakes and talking in tongues.


I get a kick out of the guy at the end.  Boy does he have his act together.  He’s a great salesman.






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