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The American Humanist Association advocates progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists and freethinkers in the United States. We work to promote humanism--the idea that you can be good without a god.

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Humanist Press is the publishing house of the American Humanist Association, providing material for the humanist/freethought/atheist market since 1995.

With the largest print book seller in the United States now selling more ebooks than paper books, it was time the freethought movement invested in the future of publishing so that we can remain relevant and accessible to readers in the U.S. and around the globe.

With new ebooks becoming available on a bi-monthly basis, Humanist Press will have a regularly expanding catalog of interest to atheist and agnostic humanists everywhere. Visit


Darwin Day is a global celebration of science and reason held on or around Feb. 12, the birthday anniversary of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin.

On this website you can find all sorts of information about Charles Darwin and the International Darwin Day Foundation. If you are hosting a Darwin Day event, you can post information about it on our events listing. You can also locate Darwin Day programs near you by searching our events section.

Let Humanism Ring! The American Humanist Association is pleased to announce that its 73rd Annual Conference will be held June 5-8, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Join hundreds of humanists, atheists and freethinkers in Philadelphia for a four-day celebration of humanism! The American Humanist Association will feature informative lectures, book signings, celebrity guests, networking opportunities, child care, fun activities and more!

Book your room early by calling the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel at 1-800-325-3535 (mention the American Humanist Association) or visit the AHA’s Personalized Reservation Page to get the special rate of $169 per night (subject to taxes). Rates increase after May 5, 2014 so reserve now!

More information will be announced soon!

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Comment by Brian Magee on January 10, 2013 at 3:34pm

THH Web Special: Cecil Bothwell

In the latest Humanist Hour podcast, Todd and Jes speak with Cecil Bothwell about his experience as an atheist politician in Asheville, North Carolina.

You can also catch the program on our Youtube ( or Vimeo ( channels.

Comment by Brian Magee on January 8, 2013 at 10:44am

Rebecca Hale Elected as American Humanist Association President

(Washington, DC, January 7, 2013)—The American Humanist Association (AHA) is pleased to announce the recent election of Rebecca Hale, co-owner of in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as president. In addition to Hale's new role, she will also serve as a member on the AHA board of directors.

Hale is the 20th president, and the 4th woman, to serve in the organization’s history. She will preside over the current AHA board of directors, which is comprised of six women and six men. The last female president of the AHA was Suzanne Paul of Farmington, Michigan, whose term completed in 1992.

Hale has been an advocate for secularism and humanism for many years as co-owner of, the largest online store of freethought merchandise. She is also the co-founder of the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs, a local affiliate of the American Humanist Association, and serves on its board of directors. She is a Humanist Celebrant certified by the Humanist Society of the American Humanist Association.

“I am proud to continue the American Humanist Association’s long tradition of representing humanists, atheists and the non-religious in the United States,” said Hale.

As AHA president, Hale hopes to help raise public awareness and acceptance of humanism, advancing the AHA's agenda of supporting public policy based on reason and science.

To read the complete announcement, click here.

Comment by Joan Denoo on January 7, 2013 at 6:57pm
Greg LeGore, doesn't it feel good to see those who scam the public, delude and lie to them, go down! They won't believe it until they have a reduction of income, and I am proud to think I might have had a part in making that happen. So have you Greg.
Now, I want to explore ways of celebrating secularism. If atheism is lack of evidence of god/s, then the reality is we are alive, have consciousness, are here for a very short time, life can be tough, and we are equal to the tasks of being. Oh! that feels so god.
Comment by Joan Denoo on January 7, 2013 at 6:05pm
"It wasn't any of the factions he cited in his newsletter that brought about his defeat. It was the electorate, who, among other things, has grown weary of the distortions and ugly tactics employed by social conservatism."
"A demoralized James Dobson admits his defeat."
~ Steveningen

IMHO the man is foolish, delusional, domineering, aggressive, disaster for families caught in cycles of violence, and out of touch with what it means to be healthy, either as an individual or as a family ... ultimately for what he wanted for our nation. His time has passed. We need wiser and smarter men than he to pick up the torch and get our nation out of the mess his ilk created.
Comment by Joan Denoo on January 5, 2013 at 8:41pm

Affirm secular values such as reason, compassion, humanity and hope.

They provide far richer and more meaningful values than: 


*scripture, claimed to be inspired by god/s, uses Bronze Age morals and ethics as the foundation for modern values, denying human personal and interpersonal relationship development and the ability to think and act morally from internal wisdom.


*virgin births and other magical thinking as a basis for thinking and acting which provide no intelligent evidence of such events or reason to use them as a moral compass. 


*atonement through someone else’s sacrifice; that borders on barbaric.


*delusion of resurrections or horses to the heavens that reflects immature and dys-logical thinking.


*miracles claimed to be proof of anything; they just do not stand up to scrutiny

Comment by Joan Denoo on January 5, 2013 at 2:54am
Oh my goodness! I did not know about the Angels motorcycle club and their practices! or the Tantric "filth is sacred".
It is significant that the south has so many problems they seem determined not to solve ... misery remains.
Art and literature has such power to reveal deeply seated problems, as the novels you suggested do. Something that startles one out of complacency and able to see through a different frame.
Watching my daughter and son-in-law interact, in full partnership in personal and professional ways, gives me hope the next generation will build on their example and work as team members, not to compete, but to do a good job. They encourage and inspire me!
Comment by James M. Martin on January 4, 2013 at 9:28pm

I sure do agree, Joan.  A lot of those angry white men in D.C. cling to their bibles to justify consideration of women as the property of men, which in the times of the desert warlord authors of the O.T. might have been acceptable.  Strange that even touching a woman when she is menstruating was verbotten, but today's rebel Angels (i.e. the motorcycle club) wear red as their color only after they have engaged in cunnilingus with a sister at the height of her discharge.  How very Tantric!  (In India, tantric practitioners believed in bhoga as yoga: filth is sacred. Turns out, the Left Hand Path worshiped the Divine Feminine.)  Some of the strongest politicking for misogynist legislation is done in states with high poverty, plenty of venereal disease, baby mamas, and blatant plutocratic tendencies.  They haven't even overcome their ingrained tendencies to see women fit for being anything but pregnant and in the kitchen (look at Fox type media reaction to Hillary's "cookies" statement when her spouse was running for #1). They didn't get the point of novels like The Stepford Wives and The Handmaid's Tale, and when the movies of them arrived would not allow their families to see them at theaters or on TV.  By then, it had dawned on them that the authors of those works had turned them into emperors with new clothes.

Comment by Joan Denoo on January 4, 2013 at 6:49pm
Women, perceived as second class citizens, as subordinate to men, poor women with few resources for remedying their struggles, women of color treated differently than white women, pregnant women and women with children who lack resources to get out of poverty and carry family responsibilities need to be empowered to flourish. They need to get off welfare, to stop being victims of brutes and thugs, to take responsibility for their reproductive lives. They require different remedies than men. This is not a quota or discrimination problem, it is a problem because only women bare children and most accept responsibility for raising their offspring. Women need government help to be empowered. Protection from violence is one very important factor that the 113th Congress can address.
Comment by Brian Magee on January 3, 2013 at 9:44am

What Thomas Jefferson did for the Bible, the American Humanist Association did for the world’s other major religious texts—in Jefferson’s words, separated “the gold from the dross.”

A Jefferson Bible for the Twenty-First Century includes Jefferson’s famously edited version of Christianity’s holy text, but this updated offering also includes similarly edited versions of the Hebrew Bible, the Qur’an, the Bhagavadgîtâ, the Buddhist Sutras, and the Book of Mormon. In addition, selections of the “dross” have been included alongside the “gold” for each.



Comment by Brian Magee on December 20, 2012 at 9:56am

Take Action: Thank the Orleans Parish School Board for Defending Sc...

Recently, the Orleans Parish School Board in Louisiana banned schoolbooks that teach creationism or intelligent design as science or scientific theories, mandated that history books not include revisionist propaganda promoted by the Religious Right, and forbade teachers in its school district from teaching any aspect of religious faith, creationism or intelligent design as science in science classes.

We need to thank those in Louisiana that stood up for church-state separation and science education. Please use this Action Alert form to send a message to Orleans Parish School Board President Thomas Robichaux thanking him and the other board members for their defense of science education and church-state separation.


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