Hey everyone!
I noticed there were no discussions yet on this group so I thought I would start.  I come from more of the ballroom side of dancing.  I've only been doing it for about a year now but I learned so quickly that I consider myself more at a social intermediate level.  I've been focusing mostly in lindy-hop/swing, charleston and blues dancing but I'm trying to get really good in the standard and latin dances as well.  I'm hoping that I can eventually get good enough to compete.  I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted to dancing.  

Please introduce yourselves.  Are you into ballroom, ballet, hip-hop or some other form of dance?  How long have you been dancing?  Do you dance as a hobby or as a career?  

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Thanks for starting a discussion on here Shireen! I am into hip hop dance, specifically popping and breaking, and a little bit of West Coast Swing as well. The only one I've had formal training in is the West Coast, although I've been doing hip hop for much longer and am, in my opinion, much better at it. When it comes to hip hop I've learned most of what I know from friends and YouTube. I've had a natural rythym and danced at clubs for or a long time but never decided to really take dance seriously until a couple of years ago. A friend of mine and I just formed a team a year ago, and that was the first time I ever started making my own choreography. I find freestyling is very easy, but actually trying to plan out a routine and make all the choreo is very difficult!! I have no expectation of making it a career, but I do expect to be doing it for a very long time :-)
Hi guys! I'm doing it professionally for over 20 years now and still going. Ballet, Contemporary, Modern Hip-hop, not to much ballroom but I did a version of "Burn The Floor" fake it really well, got the lead part, hi,hi,hi! Met my wife, @ Moulin Rouge in Paris, France 9 years ago, happily married with 3 year old daughter and another baby on the way.
And I will finish this comment with a quote : "Do what U love, and U don't have to work a day in your life!"
Hi, I love to dance. It gives me a sense of freedom to move fluidly, when in American culture at least, moving rigidly is so highly supported. I am training to be a light-show gogo dancer at raves (I use glowsticks, LED hula hoops & gloves in my routines) but mostly I just dance freeform and for fun. I like to think I have rhythm but who knows? I have yet to take any lessons besides one high school dance sampler class, but I really do love dancing.

I have been taking belly dance for two years now. I take instruction in both Oriental and ATS (american tribal style). I am involved with a troupe and we do performances sometimes. Love it. 




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