They're showing this great piece on HBO, if anyone find it on the internet, please post it in this thread. I'll look for it later today.

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I was watching/recording it a few days ago before I had to leave. I will finish watching it tonight, but so far it filmed well and shows the stories characters in more recent interviews. There is not a story presented that has not received coverage before, however, they are all presented together and have new commentary about them.

I did not like/agree with the High School student who wrote on his shirt, "Homosexuality is shameful."
The teacher/principal said it impaired other students abilities to learn, tackling the biased remarks the only way they could. They said that no student complained that day, just the teacher telling him to remove the taped message or go to the principal.
In my opinion, schools are for learning, not spreading your own personal message/agenda. I would still not oppose anyone using just hate speech, but with schools, I think it is a much more difficult matter.
Oh yeah, i dont agree with everything but I think the doc was well done. Of interest at least to this group. I haven't looked for it online yet, but I will get around to it soon.




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