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Abortion has been an even hotter topic lately, in the far and near corners of the Internet, since the death of Dr. George Tiller. Of course, Dr. Tiller's death comes at the hands of a man who thinks he's doing God's work. Scott Roeder, is the man accused of killing Dr. Tiller. This man is no stranger to abortion activism. He's been convicted before and caught in attempts to commit violent acts.

Some think this was the result of a verbal attack that Fox News had been displaying throughout a total of 29 episodes. Dr. Tiller is the 8th abortion provider to be murdered since 1977. Tiller had his office blown up in 1985 and was attacked in an attempt to murder, in 1993. Here's a recent video, featuring Keith Olbermann, with more information about this event.

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I really hate Bill O' Liely. This is just another reason!
This was posted on AtheistNews. Shows the full extent of criminally irresponsible journalism:

Version 1


Version 2 (Fox re-mix)


She did brilliantly. Gawker.
Criminally inciting violence. And I love the point she made about Moore, and Garafalo. Of course I can't help but be amused as it's slowly unraveling. Note how Bill, Rush, and Beck are starting to rave more and more. Sounding ever so similar to another well known nut job Mike Savage.
Yes - its not a convenience store. The only legitimate way to shut these nutjobs down is through applied ridicule and shame. If the public can elevate its awareness, their own words will ultimately eat them.
Exactly, sometimes you have to give a lunatic just enough rope in order for them to hang themselves.
This is not the first time America has had a problem like O'Rielly, Rush, or Beck. I know its long but the following comes from wikipedia...Meet Walter Winchell
..During the late 1940s, he became allied with the right wing of American politics. In this new role, Winchell frequently attacked politicians he did not like by implying in his commentaries that they were Communist sympathizers. In 1948 and 1949 he and the influential leftist columnist Drew Pearson "inaccurately and maliciously assaulted Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in columns and radio broadcasts."[3] Forrestal was, if anything, even more anti-Communist than Winchell, but he was also the strongest opponent in the Truman administration of recognition of the new state of Israel.
During the 1950s Winchell favored Senator Joseph McCarthy, and as McCarthy's Red Scare tactics became more extreme and unbelievable, Winchell lost credibility along with McCarthy.
A less endearing aspect of Winchell's style were his attempts, especially after World War II, to destroy the careers of personal or political enemies: an example is the feud he had with New York radio host Barry Gray, whom he described as "Borey Pink" and a "disk jerk."[1] When Winchell heard that Marlen Edwin Pew of the trade journal Editor & Publisher had criticized him as a bad influence on the American press, he thereafter referred to him as "Marlen Pee-you."
Winchell often did not have credible sources for his accusations. He did not have any real incentive to be accurate, because for most of his career his contract with his newspaper and radio employers required them to reimburse him for any damages he had to pay, should he be sued for slander or libel.

This is why I have hope for the American people. McCarthy had more power and less scrutiny in his day then politicians today and he was still brought down, Winchell went with him. Our top three today are already screeching, in militant fashion. Their power is diminishing and they know it.
I wrote about this subject here on Ex-C. It really gets my goat when Xian say they have Biblical reasons or that God doesn't want people to have abortions or what have you, when they have no grounds or education about the matter. What it is really is is a means to control people and nothing more. Control is their only real justification and nothing more.
I wasn't saying it wasn't still news. I think it will be news for as long as the Religious Reich keeps perpetuating these things in some manner. Fun my butt! They have no education or knowledge of anything, which makes them as dumb as a stump.
Oh I beat them down in that article I wrote, because what they say is in the Bible is not, but I can tell them what is. They have no proof and nothing to stand on.
Elsewhere in the main Forum there was a recent discussion about Free Speech in the U.S. and whether or not it goes too far in allowing nutcases like Limbaugh or anyone on FOX to incite violence like this. As much as I do believe in my heart of hearts that extreme Right-Wing pundits have a fair amount of Tiller's blood on their hands, I also believe in the first amendment, that these pundits were within their legal rights (if barely), and the amendment should stay as is.

This incident happens to be a major downside to Free Speech. But ultimately, I think the overall benefits of Free Speech outweigh its costs.

It's so hard to know just what, if anything, can or should be done legally here. You're allowed to believe that the moon is made of green cheese, or that the earth is flat, or that every sperm is sacred.

Problem is, the first two probably won't lead to anyone being murdered. The third is a genuine belief that an abortion doctor or woman's clinic is committing murder and a genuine belief that by killing the doctors or clinic workers you are defending a human life as if you just saved grandma from a mugger. These people truly and genuinely believe this. If I believed that passionately that someone were getting away with literal murder, I too might be all over a blog saying "This guy needs to be stopped."

I think the only way to attack the abortion issue is at its roots. Starting with the fact that the bible does not contain a single word condemning abortion and in fact supports abortion in a few cases (even detailing how to safely terminate a pregnancy). The bible itself clearly defines a person as becoming a real 'person' upon taking his/her first breath outside the womb, and not a moment before.

If we could get f---ing Xians to actually read and follow their own f---ing bible, things might be different.
I think the only way to attack the abortion issue is at its roots. Starting with the fact that the bible does not contain a single word condemning abortion and in fact supports abortion in a few cases (even detailing how to safely terminate a pregnancy). The bible itself clearly defines a person as becoming a real 'person' upon taking his/her first breath outside the womb, and not a moment before

Do you know the book or verse that states this?? I would love to have this tidbit of info.




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