A recent trip to a neighborhood park which included an hour of me picking up all sorts of trash, has lead to think of an idea to gain free advertisements for Athiests while keeping the parks clean.

The rough draft of my idea is as follows:
1-Gather enough Earth loving atheists relative to the amount of parks needing cleanup
2-Speak with local officals to offer these free service in exchange to erect a sign stating something like " This park is maintained by the Free Thoughts Atheist...Visit AtheistNexus.org for more information"
3-Locate a printing company that would relish the chance of free advertisment at local parks in exchange for said signs
4-Plan,work, and enjoy living

Does this seem feasable at all or I am being my normal naive self? Obviously I could continue cleaning up anyomously, but if I am making up for others ignorance and lazyness, why not have a simple display letting them me know who cares for their park and childrens well being?

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The only problem I see is...

1. Angry Theists tearing them down.

2. If they are public parks (which most are) people will protest giving Atheists any kind of credit for their "good works"

Other than those inevitable, I think it is an excellent idea with unlimited potential to make way for more projects such as this.
Your probably right KJ, especially about #1. My thoughts though are screw em, it just kinda proves the point that most of them dont believe a word they preach.

I doubt I could find enough Atheist here to clean out my car, maybe I need to look harder.
You are correct with those conclusions, however, both scenarios would be counter-intuitive for those trying to defame an Atheist effort.

If you want something to go away, you ignore it or you do it bigger and better...I doubt there are religious groups that will do either in this area.
I think its a great idea, if you can get public officials to go along. You and I are not far apart so I could help you out with the manual labor.
Well first off let me say thanks for doing it.
I don't know if a park will put up a sign, but in most (?) states they have an "adopt a highway" program. If you can get a group together that will pick up along a certain stretch of highway they'll put up a sign stating the group who sponsored it. There might even be "adopt a park" programs out there, if not you could always try and launch one.
Though I'm on the other side of the continental divide, I do like the idea. The immediate concerns and how I would brace for and deal with them:

- Does the city/county/state object to a church group advertising its charity work on the grounds of separation of church and state? If not, then there shouldn't be any legal grounds to object to Freethought Atheists. If there is, that's the first legal battle.

- I'd definitely be prepared for Theists tearing down signs or even trashing the park further. The battle there is a PR one: Make sure the media knows that it's the Atheist group being attacked, not Atheists attacking the Theist group. Is there a mainstream media outlet that would be willing to be that *ahem* fair and balanced in its reporting?

That second one is where I think these battles need to be fought way harder than they are. I don't know if it's not enough people making an issue of it or unfair, unbalanced media, but it needs to be pointed out, with big neon lights, that while we're the ones accused of being criminal, it's the Theists vandalizing our crap, way more so than us vandalizing theirs.

I'm thinking in particular of the yearly American ritual of nativity scenes on courthouse lawns and the growing protest over it. Many local governments have reached the 'compromise' that any religious group can put something up on the lawn, knowing there's about 6 Jews in town and 2 Wiccans, none of whom have the energy to keep replacing their display as the Xians continually tear it down.
Thank you everyone for all the replies. We have been out of town or I would have furthered this discussion already. Thanks Yvette for finding their number, I will inquire tomorrow and let everyone know of my progress, or lack therof.
I think this is a great idea. But I also agree with some of the posts that these would be tore down. I live in a moderate size town so there might be enough of us here to start something like that. I guess if we keep putting signs up they can't ignore us!




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