Very simple question, do you and your partner ever discuss religion. If so, how does it usually come up? How civil are the conversations?

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Our discussions about religion are always civil but we never try to get to the bottom of what's real and what's not. When religion is in the news or some crackpot preacher gets caught with his pants down, we talk about it. The only time things get rough between us is when the issue comes around to abortion or gay rights. I don't think it's critical that I convince her to accept my views, so I just try to plant little seeds here and there without raising a stink. Twenty years with an atheist has mellowed her views on religion somewhat. I have no idea if any of that mellowing is from those seeds I've planted or if it all comes from her own reasoning. But I guess it's not important.

A few months ago, I organized a small meet-up between believers and unbelievers and my wife tagged along. She enjoyed it a lot. I'm certain that she would not have enjoyed those discussions if it was just she and I talking.
Wish I could organize a meet up between atheists and theists around here. But I seem to be the only atheist in this small Bible belt town. lol
When I was a Deist, my friend found it ironic that I was the most Jesus-like person she knew despite not beleiving in him. lol

I'd have to agree, and hope that most others on this group would, that dating/being married to a theist gives us plenty of insight into the theist mind.

Also, welcome to the group Nano! Thanks for joining! Feel free to start your own discussions. :-)
If I talk about the latest atrocities of the Catholic church, he just says "who has time to think about all that." He can be like that about some things, but I think he does it a little more with his own religion. But then other times he's talked about priests he knew who were corrupt, and people being religiously fanatic in his hometown.

We both dislike Islam, so at least we agree on something.
Yes, my girlfriend and I Discuss it sometimes. but its really futile....I don't thing I can convince her even if I was most articulate with my evidence... and she has the same tired arguments for the "god is self evident" thing which stems from "all this can't be an accident" thing as well....

No we never discuss it at all.

Bad direction for a conversation to go in.... my husband will participate, but he gets defensive and will walk away if it goes on for more than a minute. He's more likely to get involved if I'm venting about an argument with someone else who's a theist. Then, he is on my side and fine with listening. If it's about him, his beliefs, or directed at him.... No. It's just better to avoid talking about his faith. We mostly pretend it doesn't exist except that I'm not allowed to say goddamnit. Used to be the only "bad word" that I used. He banned that one, and now I sound like a sailor. lol




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