It seems like a person who lives with an atheist would have a much more realistic attitude about atheism. My wife often gets an opportunity to let her fellow parishoners (can you use that word with protestants?) know that their prejudices are unfounded and their arguments are simplistic. Is everyone in the same situation?

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I don't think my ole' lady would even mention the fact that I'm 'different'.
I'm not sure. My fiancee never talks about religion with me, so I just don't know. If it was around her grandmother, I am sure she would though. Her grandmother is ultra-conservative Baptist, so we love to piss her off. It was fun during the Campaign 2008, we both told her Obama would win just to piss her off. :-D
I actually think thats how my fiancee would be. It just seems so much like her. lol
I think my partner is afraid to tell people that I'm an atheist.
I dont know if this group/ thread is dead or not, i just joined atheist nexus, but oh well. i had been living with my girlfriend for about a year when my girlfriends' parents brought up the faith issue. they talked at me for about 2 1/2 hours on the topic before i decided it was time to leave. Whenever i tried to answer their questions they just started talking over me and blocking out damn near every point i tried to make. But it should be noted my girlfriend is right there with them in her faith, but was quick to call them out and defend me when they made me out to be a bad person for my atheism. shes definitely not one to argue against her parents either but she took my side some when arguing with her parents so i know she would if prejudices were stated in other scenarios. Then again shes not gonna go around anouncing to fellow worshipers that im an atheist..
Mostly he'd tease me about it, and then I'd tease him back. Otherwise I don't think it came up...he doesn't go to church much or hang around super religious people...except around his family.
My husband never really discusses the fact that I'm an atheist with others - at least, as far as I know. His extended family knows I'm not a Xian but they never really talk about it, either. I think he would definitely defend me as a person but, to be honest, I don't think he would defend atheists as a group. Who knows, though... maybe he would surprise me.




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