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Can mixed marriages between theists and atheists work?

This question is asked equally by both atheists and theists. Marriage is one of the most intimate and most serious relationships a person can have in their lives; it is thus understandable that people wonder if the gap between atheism and theism will create further differences which prevent individuals from making a marriage work.

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I notice the news article specified tolerance as a prerequisite to a successful inter-a/theistic marriage. Surely tolerance is the bedrock of any marriage. I think the proposition put forward is one of the maximum strain, say a faith to atheist convert marrying a devout practicing Christian, which would, in all probability, lead to a quick divorce. Thankfully that probably would never happen.

It's more probable that a long time atheist, with no religious resentment, would marry a practicing Christian and have no problem, even with the kids going to church. It's been proven time after time that religious ideas are abandoned when people want to be together. I read the article and I could be wrong, but I can't recall love being mentioned. Maybe it wasn't considered relevant. 




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