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Can mixed marriages between theists and atheists work?

This question is asked equally by both atheists and theists. Marriage is one of the most intimate and most serious relationships a person can have in their lives; it is thus understandable that people wonder if the gap between atheism and theism will create further differences which prevent individuals from making a marriage work.

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I notice the news article specified tolerance as a prerequisite to a successful inter-a/theistic marriage. Surely tolerance is the bedrock of any marriage. I think the proposition put forward is one of the maximum strain, say a faith to atheist convert marrying a devout practicing Christian, which would, in all probability, lead to a quick divorce. Thankfully that probably would never happen.

It's more probable that a long time atheist, with no religious resentment, would marry a practicing Christian and have no problem, even with the kids going to church. It's been proven time after time that religious ideas are abandoned when people want to be together. I read the article and I could be wrong, but I can't recall love being mentioned. Maybe it wasn't considered relevant. 

Can mixed marriages work? I am of the opinion they can. And, I use my 1st marriage as an example. I was a former Irish Catholic turned atheist married to a Jewish lady of the reform sect. We were married for 20 years before the divorce. Religion, and the lack thereof, had absolutely zero to do with the divorce. (Disagreement over finances and other matters which are prevalent in every marriage of every stripe). In 20 years together, religion was the one topic (probably the only one) that was never a bone of contention between either of us; including how our children were to be raised. I told the children I didn't believe in mommy's religion, but I did not  demean it or her for having those beliefs. She reciprocated. Notwithstanding the divorce, I still think very highly of her. I could not have asked for a better mother to my children. And, while the actual divorce was not the most pleasant aspect of my life (none ever are) we have since gotten over that, and now get along fine. 


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