What qualities about your significant other do you love, which is unrelated to the religious beliefs?

For my girl, I'd have to say its because she is a beautiful person, inside and out! Not only do I love her body ;-) but she is also a nice, caring person. She has a wonderful mind, and places family above all else. Not to mention she is stubborn enough to stick with me through all my BS!

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My wife is a beauty. She's clever and understanding. Compassionate and trustworthy. She has a clearer mind about her than I do. She takes wonderful care of our daughter, and for some reason she loves me to bits.
He's a very happy and positive person. He's a cuddler. He's simple, uncomplicated. He's good at cooking. He is very good with plants and grows lots of them in the summer. He is hard working and ambitious. He did some things I never could (move to another country) and thinks nothing of it. He is from India and I liked seeing him learn new things, teaching him to drive and seeing him become an American citizen...he also taught me a lot of things. We both like hiking and second-hand stores and are practical and cheap but still have fun.

And yeah...the putting up with me part.




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