Do you ever attend with your partner? I have been asked by mine to go and am trying to decide.

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Yes...well, no. We've been going out for about 4.5 years. She's asked me if I would attend a service with her if she asked me to and I told her I would. But she hasn't asked. I did, however, go to a christmas service with my Grandmother at the church where my Grandfather used to preach before he passed. I may not believe, but I'm not going to be a dick to my Grandma!

I look at it like this: As long as she doesn't try to force it on me (and I'll be just as respectful in turn) I'll do it occassionally. Hey, she's gone to movies with me and watched TV shows that I know she's had no desire what so ever to see, and sat there quitely and let me enjoy them. So I can return the favor. Plus, if you think about it, they tell some REALLY OUT THERE stories in church! Think of it as entertainment if it helps.
My fiancee has never been real religious, though she does believe in God, so she has never wanted me to go to church. In fact, in our relationship its the opposite. I like to go to the local UUA church, and I try to get her to tag along. lol
The last time I went to church was when my kids were baptized. Oh, so many years ago.
Oh, it would have been a bad day if My fiancee had wanted to baptize our daughter. lol Luckily she isn't that religious. Or, rather, I should say Christian.

I recently became an atheist after a couple of years of struggling with doubts and nagging questions about my christian faith. I have always gone to church, every time the doors were open. I began really struggling with my faith and seeking answers soon after I married my christian husband. Even though he says he has never had a really strong faith and that he can't look me in the eye and tell me with certainty that there's a god, he still insists we go to church together. I have really grown to hate it; I am trying to have a better attitude but it's hard when the church spends $25,000 on special lighting just for aesthetics and then implores the congregation to give their money to starving children in Africa. Every time I express a desire to make a compromise he gets upset and it turns into an argument that leaves me in tears and him angry. What can do at this point? I'm being patient since my atheism is unsettling to him now and it's fairly new (although I have long desired to quit going to church). I also feel guilty since I'm the one who changed. I feel like my views aren't being taken seriously since literally everyone in my family and circle of friends are christians. It's so frustrating and lonely.

No, and I talked my husband out of going. I told him I'd be more "malleable" if he converted to the LDS church, but he wasn't interested. So, now none of us go. lol. He might take his sister or mother if they're visiting from across the country once or twice a year. Other than that he skips it.




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