My fiancee does not subscribe to any particular faith, but she does believe in a higher power (God) and in a spiritual realm. She believes in angels and ghosts, heaven and hell, God and Satan.

I don't know what to call her. A spiritualist?

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My partner is somewhat similar. If asked, she will say that you can't know but I wouldn't call her an agnostic as she tends to use "I don't know" as a justification for believing in whatever suits her. And what suits her is a vague idea that there is a heaven but no hell and some sort of higher power.

It hasn't been much of an issue between the two of us - she's always known that I'm an athiest - but with our son approaching 2 and two sets of rather religious grandparents I do worry that I am going to end up being the only person in the immediate family not spouting religious rhetoric at him.
I am in the same boat. My parents are Messianic "Jews". My fiancée's mother isn't religious, but her mother is the southern-baptist kind. My fiancee and I had a big fight about how we were gonna raise our daughter when she was still pregnant, but she doesn't always enforce the rules when it comes to her grandma.
My girlfriend is a recovering Catholic, who now attends a Methodist church, but only to play in the band. She really enjoys pursuing her musical talents, and church has been the easiest way to do that for her. I think she would technically be a deist, who I think is sliding towards agnosticism. We've discussed our beliefs to a point and she knows that I am an atheist, but I think she is having a harder time finding out what she believes exactly.
My husband is very Christian and so is his family. I was religious when we met but he still hasn't questioned his beliefs.
Oh boy, sounds fun. How is life like, married to a "very Christian" spouse? (I assume by that you mean "fundamentalist?)
Yeah, he just uses a lot of sarcasm around me, wants me to go to church and starts debates about evolution.
Oh boy, sounds fun! My fiancée and I have reached an unspoken agreement: Do not bring up religion. Because then the $hit flies!
My wife and I were evangelicals with fundamentalist leanings. We met in a Southern Baptist church and then switched to a bible church after a couple of years. I, uh, rediscovered my atheist roots but, alas, my wife has no atheist roots. But we're doing well. She now goes to a Baptist church and I go to Atheist Beer Night.
Atheist Beer Night! wish we had one of those around here! But I live in the Bible Belt, aren't that many atheists around here!
He's Jewish, did all the Jewish stuff until his teens, but has "accepted" Christ and now is a Christian. He's a Christian Jew. Oddly enough, I was born a Catholic and have "rejected" Christ in my teens. Huh.
Does he still follow Torah? I grew up in a religion (Messianic Judaism) that taught that Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name) was the Messiah, and the Torah was still the standard we should follow, with the exception of the sacrifices. I followed the Kosher laws, wore the tzitzit, said the blessings over the meals ("Barukh atah, Adonai eloheynu..."), and celebrated the Jewish feasts.
My fiance (dating 4 years) is rather devote in her beliefs. But she only goes to church once every month or two. Her Mother (who lives two doors down), never misses a day. If the doors are open, she's in there. (BTW, we're talking Southern Baptists). My fiance's ex was a decon/youth pastor or something like that. His parents and grandparents are thumpers. She also has a six year old daughter who goes with grandma every so often, and with dad everyother weekend.

She knew I didn't believe like she did. But one night she asked me out right and I answered outright...I wasn't a Christian, I didn't believe in Jesus and on and so forth. She started crying. I also told her that I wasn't going to BS her daughter if she came up to me with questions about "whatever". Lets just say I got up and left that night. But she called the next day and wanted to continue our relationship. I'm that awesome LOL! Anyone else almost/or have split up over the topic? What do you think the future holds? I know it's not over....




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