Okay, so Joss Whedon gives Firefly to FOX; dead after 1 season. Buffy and Angel go to th WB or the CW or whatever they're calling it this week. Both shows run more than 5 years(5 for Angel, 7 for Buffy). Now he has Dollhouse, which FOX tried to kill in the first season...brought back for a season 2, and is now killing it halfway through and playing double episodes, just so they can get it off the air faster. It begs the question, why pick FOX at all? They obviously have no respect for his work or him. Other than GLEE and Family Guy I'm not sure I even have a reason to watch FOX anymore.

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The only thing I watch on fox is Dollhouse and 24. Sometimes I catch Family Guy but I'm more likely to see an old episode on some other station.

I agree, he owe's fox nothing and should ditch the network. You'd think he would have jumped ship after the Firefly fiasco. I would think he could write his own ticket if he hooked up with the right network. Maybe he needs move away from the networks over to Syfy.
Fox kills everything good that comes through.
I have been asking myself the same question!!!

I am also wondering if, like firefly, dollhouse will have a feature length movie now instead of a series... :D
We can only hope.
Dollhouse was, apparently, Eliza Dushku's idea, and a vehicle for her to be in more versatile roles, and she is under contract with Fox. That is one major reason why.

Also, Fox is willing to gamble on shows that other networks won't. Dollhouse should have been a cable show, but, well, it was not to be.

I am grateful to Fox (OMG, I can't believe I just typed that, who would have thought it just a couple of years ago?!) for taking the chance with this, frankly, very un-Fox-like show, and for, against all econimic sense, giving it a second season. Dollhouse is great, and although 5-6 seasons would have been sweet, getting even two is good too.




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