Nothing we do is without cause.

We are fully caused.

NVC is a really valuable tool that I’d like to incorporate into my life.

How can I do this if I am fully caused – and yet have so many other factors influencing my life?

Alice :)

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Hi Alice,

I was reading through your group and had to join up to learn what this post is about.

"Nothing we do is without cause."

I can understand this.  The next sentence, I don't understand.  I've never seen the word cause used this way.  What does this mean?

Hi Sehkmet,
Being fully caused is a reference to the deterministic nature of the universe, as agreed by most physicists (to my knowledge) and is one of the key aspects of Naturalism - as is the notion of the causal web of all things - and that fact that we don't possess any contra-causal free will (CCFW).
Basically what I am stating here is that because everything we do is fully caused, then in order to more understanding of NVC, due to my attraction to it's ideas and in relation to how I find myself responding in my life naturally at this moment - I wish to set up positive feedback loops in order to reinforce my preferred form of communication, based on my values.
In lay persons language - I'm really keen to discuss with others the use of NVC in my life, because I really like it and want to reinforce the ideas through discussion with others.
Would you be willing to discuss NVC with me?  And if you want, we can also set up a discussion regarding determinism, the causal web and CCFW.  This is probably best done in the Naturalism Group, of which I am a member.  What do you reckon?

I reckon I understand naturalism a little after reading some websites.

Basically, minus philosophical language, the only force operating in the universe is nature and it's laws.  Thus every result is due to a natural cause.

Contra-causal free will is an action that has no natural cause.  I'm interpolating here since the only information I found about CCFW relates to god.

Is this about right?

I don't think I will be joining the naturalism group as I try to eschew obfuscation.

Hi Sehkmet

Your summary of naturalism sounds right.

Confusion is easy to get – when so many are involved and all with their own version of events… : )

Alice : )


i have for so long practiced negativism and pesimistic views. i thought i could never change it, because that was who i was.Of course, it came naturally for me. A while ago I convinced myself that i can "reprogram" my way of thinking because i had just entered college and i found myself whithout my usual friends, so it was harder for me to get new ones, with an attitude like that. Of course, don't think that i was mentally ill, or had cronic depression, it was more like an annoying habit :-) .. picked up from my family... the causality was the environment that i was raised in.

It came a bit hard for me at the beginning and it felt unnatural, but now thinking different really works good for me.  i am really more in a grey area.but it boosted up my potential as a student, confidence, you name it...

so there is nothing you can't do,

violence is an expression of irationality, frustrations and anxieties are the causes which are part of this irationality.

non-violent and compasion comes naturally to you because you are a rational person and you constantly evolve and better yourself ! 

So respect to you! ! :-)


[excuse my english, please correct me...]  Dana



Hi Bezudana,

I have my fair share of irrationality, frustration and irritablity leading to violence of some form...

We can change - but often like you say, it's because we are caused to change, you can't get your needs met for friends and so you become more positive....  we don't always have the environment that leads to our changing in a way that we like or value - but we do our best.... :)




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