HB 1607-FN-LOCAL "establishes an education credit against the business profits tax for business organizations that contribute to scholarship organizations which awards scholarships to be used by students to defray the educational expenses of attending an independent school." This is a voucher program that would divert funds from public education to support children in attending private schools or being home schooled. As contributions increase the state loses a corresponding amount of money. New Hampshire public schools cannot afford this loss of funding, and voucher programs such as these only serve to divide communities rather than help them grow.

In just the first year of this program, New Hampshire could see a loss of $15 million to public education funding- that figure is estimated to double within 3 years! This bill undermines public education at its core and seeks to "entice" more students into leaving public schools to attend private or home schools. Loss of funding means loss of jobs and an inability to support exceptional educators in the public sectors. Rather than investing in New Hampshire's overall growth, businesses will be investing in private institutions and individuals, including religious instutions that already benefit from a tax-free status.

If you live in New Hampshire, please contact your representative and help save public education from being destroyed by this proposed bill. Also, head to change.org and sign the petition.

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