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I am so much a fan of Penn and Teller.

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Count me as a fan of Penn and Teller also. 

However, I'm surprised to see them on the Dr. Oz show, as I've seen him tout very questionable things.  I no longer watch him because of that.  The Doctors TV show isn't as bad, but still have questionable things on their show as well.  

Have you noticed that?

Yes, I have Spud. Maybe Penn and Teller showed up to "get him in line" - hehe.

Well, I do think it is wonderful of Dr. Oz to have them on his show. He has a large audience and it is great that he is giving exposure to Penn and Teller on his show. Maybe Penn and Teller will get new fans and Penn and Teller can get them thinking critically about things. So, I see it as a very positive development.

You're probably right.  More exposure to Penn & Teller is a good thing.

I'm a big fan of P&T but I'm really disappointed that they went on Dr. Oz and didn't challenge him on any of the pseudoscientific nonsense that he endorses.


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