I've been wanting to put together a podcast for a while. Mr. Jason reestablished my interest in it.

I was wondering:
Is anyone else interested?
Is anyone tech savvy enough to put it together?
I'm willing to be a host but I need someone to play off of. Is anybody up for being a co-host?

I have a very slight experience in the podcast game. There is a very cheap way to do this. 
Record a conversation over Skype, mix it, then find some place that will host it. My guess is that part might be the trickiest. The site we used back in the day for hosting inserted commercials into the podcast. But we have some Techies in the crew, one of you peoples should be able to come up with something.


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I've been contemplating podcasting, too. Basically atheistic news or commentary. I have minimal experience in it but I have Skype, a microphone and (not to brag) a decent radio voice. I'd be happy to help out in anyway I can!




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