In some cases, it's funny to have tourettes just because other people ask or assume really humorous things to/about you. Here are some of my personal tales that just made me LOL with or at someone.

In school it was basically a living nightmare for me, kids picked on me like vultures to a fresh carcas and the teachers were like neo-nazi posers. Sometimes it was funny to see how iggnorant or uneducated these "professional educators" were though. I do not have even the slightest bit of verbal tourettes and never did... funny part is I do cuss but when I want to cuss. Since I have tourettes though, most people thought I had the verbal form simply because I said whatever the fuck I wanted where I wanted which btw is a Civil Right in the USA. Most teachers in my 1st - 6th grade years would think I couldn't help it until I walked up to them and said something like: "Do you know how god damn stupid you look right now? Your assuming I have verbal tourettes but thats not the case. Quit pretending to know things you don't know shit about, I cuss when I choose you fucking dumbass..." Best part is the school office had it on document that I did NOT HAVE verbal tourettes and was just foul mouthed when angered. Shows they didn't even do their homework yet think they have a right to assign an entire class of 25+ students a "quality education" ANNOYING, UNCHALLENGING PAPER THAT WASTES 10 MINUTES OF LIFE AND 3 PAGES OF MURDERED TREE SKIN. I'm always very honest and give people the blunt/straight truth although I can be more tacful but then again.... if it's a "supperior" or another male I'm talking to then why pussyfoot around? LOL.

When dating my 7th grade sweetheart, it was both funny and rather heartwarming. We were alone in the field of Chaffey High School *on a saturday btw* and so one thing led to another and well.... I just asked for a kiss on the lips *no protection, no deal* and she said something like: "Okay but, having tourettes isn't that bad right?" When I said no and asked why she would ask me that right then she replied: "Well... if I do catch it from you then it's okay because I love you."
I BUST UP LAUGHING AND THEN GAVE HER A GOOD LONG SMOOCH! XD Not only did she think it was like some form of spreadable virus but she didn't even care... funniest event in my life and I think I actually felt "love" too. Not the sexual kind, the kind that lets you know someone actually cares about you so deeply they'd walk through fire for you.

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Awwwe, that story of you and your g/f was cute as hell :)

You seem very self aware, and that's good that you can laugh at yourself too. It's a shame you had to go through what you did as kid, with the getting ridiculed and all of that. Hopefully now that you're older it's not as bad, and hopefully your tics are more managable/ not as bad as well.

Funny enough, I really do sound like I have verbal Tourette's when I play Call of Duty lol.
My childhood was a good thing in heinsight but going through it was rather horrid but then again, isn't that basically the same for everyone? Mankind always fears what they do not understand and sometimes laughing at it makes them feel better even if it hurts someone elses feelings. Anymore I hardly tic at all except when I'm alone or spacing off not focusing on something. I go through some more annoying phases still but I'm used to it now.

Oh and your not alone either, 97.8% of all COD Players have the same form of verbal tourettes you have bro. Me inclueded some nights when I'm trying to beat a mission on Veteran and I keep running into grenades/sniper hotspots, LMFAO! XD


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