For some time the Trades Union Congress has been pressing for another day's statutory, paid bank holiday to be given to Britons (who have 8 such days per year compared to an average 10.9 for the rest of Europe).

The TUC says that the 4-month gap between end-August and Christmas Day is too long, so they propose a 'Community Day' for the last Monday of October.

However, as an atheist fighting religious intolerance and violence towards women, I suggest that more important and helpful would be a day to recognise and celebrate "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which was issued on 10th December 1948.

The best day to do this would be on or near 10th December annually because the idea might then hopefully spread across the other European nations.

Not only could the presently-suggested TUC community proposals remain applicable, but to them would be added the aspirations of the world in improving the lot of all humanity.

Previously, I have proposed 12th February as 'Darwin Day' for the gap near the start of the year, and I stand by this as well.

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