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The UK, as everyone but the politicians seem to realize, is a secular society with only a very small proportion of actively religious people. Contrast this with a parliament where the ratio is reversed and one finds a total misbalance of worldviews regarding the governed and the governing. The secretary of state for Wales, Stephen Crabb, in his Wilberforce address to the Conservative Christian fellowship, exemplified the medieval mindset of politicians compared to the public in general.

Blaming secularism for the radicalization of youngsters, who have been indoctrinated from birth in the idealization of a war god, is an example of the purblind nature of the religious psych.

Describing the British people as ‘’a strain of hard edged secularism’’ makes one wonder what measures this paragon of virtue would like to take to ‘’re-educate’’ the ungodly masses in the country. Our not so distant past experiences of religious corrective methods should serve as a warning.

Politicians would be wise to take a long hard look at themselves and they’re superstitious beliefs before they attempt to blame an indifferent public for the pernicious effects of theism.

                                              Thanks for listening

                                                                     Gerald Payne.




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Very timely Gerald; and the only nation whose parliament has more clergy than our House of Lords is Iran! The House of Lords should be cleared of the bishops and anyone else who has faith in fake gods. 

We can at least be thankful that the royal family are powerless as regards governing because they too were and are all indoctrinated from birth into accepting those superstitious beliefs about a non-existent god.  




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