Today I sent a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph
A subject currently under discussion in Britain is a 'need' for another public holiday or bank holiday that is preferably located between the end of August and Christmas Day.

I wrote to suggest 10th December, as you can see below.
I doubt whether the letter will be published.
The concept of 'The Universal Declaration of human rights' is absolutely just, a pronouncement that nobody seeks to deny apart from Muslims. In Cairo in 1990 they set up a revised version of this finest of all proposals for the worldwide liberty of mankind by restricting it so that the relevant tenets of sharia law take priority for believers in the creationist religion of Islam where it downgrades the rights of women and punishes law-breakers inhumanely. Read for example

SIR--On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations  proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
December 10 would be a most appropriate day to institutionalize as a new public holiday.   
 Dr. G. Terence Meaden

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