2011 is almost upon us and that means the UK Census forms will soon be going out!

How many people who are non-believers tick the Christian box (or CofE box on other survey forms) just because "That is what you put" or "Well...I was christened?"

Let's show and tell people that it is OK to tick the "No Religion Box".

To that end a campaign has been launched by a new UK wide group called "Atheism" and the intro video to the campaign can be found here, please check it out.

Also...what are your plans this coming Census? What have you put previously? Do you answer the question at all?

Cheers, Rich

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We also need to persuade people that our representation in the political arena is a serious matter. If atheists, as some sort of joke, put "Jedi" or Pasterfarian as their religion it may make a point but it does not help us to get our views recognised.

This is not meant in any way to disrespect those who genuinely believe in the Force or have a true regard for Its Noodly Appendages.

Having our views recognized is vital!

For me it's the fact that I have seen so many people who put down "CofE" on a questionnaire (usually a job application) but I even remember a member of my own family (a believer) trying to get another member of my family (a probable non-believer, but I cannot confirm) to put down CofE simply because he had been baptized before he was able to choose for himself, and this family member NEVER goes to church, and as far as I'm aware has no religious belief at all (what I would call a post-religionist - if only society was!).

And as for the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may sauce be upon him) his chosen people (arrrrr) should be able to put what they want ;o)
I never tick a box that has anything to do with supernatural delusions.
Quite so, Sinister.

And when I find myself asked to swear an oath at the solicitor's, I respond by saying I am not a super-gnat believer but I will willingly agree to swear a statement of honesty.
zippy2: "Also...what are your plans this coming Census? What have you put previously? Do you answer the question at all?"

I have never ticked a christian or CofE box on a census form.
If an Atheist box is there, that's for me (and my wife too).
All that they have is the following:

In England:

20. What is your religion?
-> This question is voluntary

[] No Religion
[] Christian (including Church of England, Catholic, Protestant and all other Christian denominations)
[] Buddhist
[] Hindu
[] Jewish
[] Muslim
[] Sikh
[] Any other religion, write in

The question for Wales is almost the same except the Christian box which just says "Christian (all denominations). The order of answers are the same.
This is good news---putting our preferred option "No religion" first.
Might this mean that the people who were ultimately responsible for laying out Q. 20 are non-religious?



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