Hey guys!


I've been thinking of starting a podcast for a while now, but I've been very nervous to do it all on my lonesome. I've decided to go ahead with it, but I'd love to have a co-host to it with.


Anyone interested?

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I'm a bit confused, because it seems a reply was poasted and deleated, but I'll answer their question anyway.


The goals of the pod-cast are the education of the general public on the subject of atheism, discussion of issues and debates that are relevant to atheists, education in areas of general interest, such as psychology, comparative religion, economics and history, and simple outreach, trying to connect non-believers to each other. That's just a preliminary list though.


As to the other question of legystics? I'm hoping I can do it over skype if that's possible, but I'll do all I can to work around it if that's not an option.

I...might be interested. Although I'm kind of opinionated! Having just been made redundant I'm about to have a whole lot of time on my hands, and I already co-blog with my Baptist girlfriend. It depends if I'm the sort of person you're looking for - the blog's here if you'd like to check out the kind of things I tend to talk about (I'm 'The Atheist', naturally, just for author ID purposes). It's worth noting that while I tend to swear a lot in the blog, that's only because the blog's set up to see what kind of things can make me and the missus *really angry* despite our difference in religion - so don't panic about the language!

I have no problem with you being opineonated. I've read a bit of the blog, and I'll probably read a lot more of it over the next week or so, but what I see I like. I would like to use a minimum of swear words, but that's only because of the rating and accessability, not because I'm offended.


I think the best idea would be if we chat and get to know each other a bit and find out if we would enjoy working on this together.

Sounds good to me. XD And with a family the size of mine, one learns to switch conversational ratings from 18 to PG very fast.
Oh, you have a large family?
I was raised Catholic, by Catholics. I've got cousins coming out've my EARS.
That sounds fun. I'm the only one of three that's still living at home, and all of my cosens live pretty far away. :/

Well, I get stuck babysitting a lot. But the kids are awesome and I've taught them to play a frighteningly good game of Halo. So I don't really mind.

So how did you go from Catholic to Atheist? I'm boring, both my parents are non-believers.
Well, basically, I haven't been a believer since I was...about six. It occurred to me that more or less anyone could have written all this stuff about how great a bloke this Jesus guy was, and no one seemed to have any examples that weren't written by people who were already working for him. I just put up with shit from Catholic schools until I was eighteen. I spent a bit of time as a Buddhist in my mid teens until I realised there was still too much about it that just couldn't work. No dramatic stories about it or anything, although I was always too scared to freak my devout granny out by letting her know. I think it helped that my parents are very openminded - as long as I was happy with myself and didn't end up hurting anyone, or anything stupid like that, they wouldn't mind what religious viewpoint I took. It helps that my father was raised C of E instead of Catholic.
It's always good to have accepting parents. I get what you mean about the C of E thing too, I went to a C of E school and apart from a prair in the morning assembly and maybe one or two school trips per year there was nothing really religious about it. There was even an open satanist in my class, and the RE teacher just discussed it with her calmly.

It's more that with one of them being raised Catholic and one Anglican, they were used to differing opinions and so on. The only absolute they taught me, really, is that I shouldn't ruin anyone's day if I can help it.


It's sort of led to me going off at people who'd do so, too.


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