Losing our religion: Most white UK adults are now faith-less

Daily Telegraph, London 19 Jan 2016 By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor


Not having a religion is the “new norm”, says a study which found a majority of the UK’s white population do not indentify with a particular faith.

Those classed as “nones” have also overtaken those describing themselves as Christians, according to the study by Prof Linda Woodhead, a leading authority on religion and society.

The research included a YouGov poll, carried out last month, which recorded that 46% of the adult population now identify as not having a religion compared with 44% who say they follow Christianity.

A series of polls commissioned by Prof Woodhead over recent years shows the “nones” apparently increasing rapidly—from 37% in 2013 to 42% in 2014 and 46% last year.

The latest survey also shows those without religious affiliation just above half of white Britons for the first time.

The proportion of people indicating no faith is rising with each generation. Among under-40s, there were twice as many “nones” as Christians—among over-60s, that was reversed.

“It used to be quite common for people to identify as Church of England simply because they were English, but now they are more likely to think of themselves as having no religion.”

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It's terrific to see this going on in Great Britain, though I wonder about the shariah zones and the frankly egregious mistake it was to allow those.  Even worse, though is the US.  I wonder if we'll have to wait until the millennials are in the majority before religion can be reduced to little more than an annoyance.




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