The murderous events in Paris are another eye-opener for the public and another blind eye to be turned for politicians. Religious violence is not a matter of terrorist organizations running amok; it has its genesis in the delusions propagated by the mainstream religions, or the moderates, as they like to be called.

The fact is there wouldn’t be religious violence without religious organizations to inspire it, and there wouldn’t be deluded people without a deluded message being propagated. Once children are indoctrinated with medieval fantasies regarding reality they’re open to any illusion they’re minds take a fancy for, and if this results in pernicious intentions they haven’t the moral instinct to combat it. Everything comes down to a divine justification of their every action no matter how savage the deed.

That this is the mind-set inspired by every religion on the planet is too hard to swallow for politicians with religious sympathies. Consequently they cloud the reality with verbal attacks on extremists who somehow have nothing in common with mainstream religious scripture, which nevertheless advocates violent actions as normal religious duties.

The violence we’re seeing now is not particularly Islamic, it is ideological intolerance that was born with the first commandment of Yahweh and made compulsory by Christianity.



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That's excellent Gerald. The religious politicians need to learn this. Je suis Paris. 




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