This post from the NSS website had me step back in shock. I always thought the tory party had at least a little more sense than to jump on the faith bandwagon. They just lost my vote in the next election. Any thoughts ?

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Of all of the three parties it is they who appear to be the most supportive of religion and faith, even moreso than Labour....and I thought that was going to be difficult!
I cant believe it really, I have been ranting about the Labour party even since they came to power, even left the UK for 5 years on principle about their cretinous policies and its all came to pass so to speak. UK bankrupt, divisive, you know the story. Now this!. I had no idea the tories had this well spring of religious faith boying them up. Needless to say, I now need to reconsider my voting intentions in the up and coming elections. I joined the NSS today as well, the National Secular Society, as the older I get, the more strongly I feel about standing up to these religious nutters.
A more cynical view (sorry) is that all political parties will just pander to whatever groups they think they can get votes from. Do you get more votes supporting the theists or the non-theists... Well, from their perspective, it makes sense to play to the believers. I don't think the majority of MPs really care if we have more faith schools, as long as their support for the issue gets votes.
John i cant keep saying this enough dont follow partys vote for the politicians in your area, make sure they will do what you most want of them, if their party gets in at least you voted with your beliefes convictions and rational thinking processes, one thing is for sure, partys no matter what one gets in, will make huge mistakes, they after all are human, falible, and prone to coruption, god may not play dice but we humans certainly seam to love them. :~)
I wouldn't be a subscriber to glamour magazine but I picked it up and read an interview given by Mr Cameron. The man is a total fruit and nut bar! He is winding back the clock in Britain and will undo all the good work the Labour Party has done to create a more equal society. I live in Ireland at present where over 90% of the schools are faith based. This will have serious negative impact on our teachers as they and their lifestyles may end up being called into the question. They will have to do what they are told by the bishops and will impact negatively on the sciences no doubt. This also effects student life as school is extremely regimented, discipline seems to be prioritised over education, sex education is basic and sterile and religious education is stunted.
His whole idea of tax breaks for married couples sickens me as well. He's saying that married people are being penalised because they live together (his words not mine) so why can't he extend these tax breaks to unmarried couples who are co-habiting for at least a year or something, but then there should be a system of tax breaks for single parents who want to work as well. The Conservative attitudes towards university fees makes me cry! We we will return to an elitest higher education system, where only those with wealthy mummy's and daddy's will be able to go. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!
I dont know about your point about NuLab's policies creating a more equal society - from what I have seen, and experienced in the UK over the last 12 years, most of what they have done has been to my detriment and they'v managed to created a more divisive system than that they inherited from the last load of tories. Some doing.

In saying that, I am genuinely disturbed by this tory development and never guessed Cameron would
legislate for what is a blatant step backwards. Perhaps I ought to take more interest in UK party politics.
Well the Sure Start programme was extended under labour, university fees were abolished, then brought back in with Student Loans, now it's least they are trying to make third level education accessible to all. although their latest move isn't impressing me much but I'm assuming it's all deficit motivated. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Labourite, I'm a West Country Lib Dem really. Cameron really disturbs me too. There should be no state funding for faith schools and I wonder if that's his long term plan....a sneaky way of reducing their spend on education...either way, whatever his motivation it's an absolutely disgraceful policy and he should not be imposing his morals on society. I don't think the faith based schools would be too big a deal with the usual Tory voter after all they generally have their kids in public school anyway, but I think he is trying to win votes from the Muslim community on this one who are generally Labour voters. I knew the minute he became leader that these would be the kind of policies he would introduce.
I would never vote for the likes of Cameron and his over privileged old boys club. This Labour government, or tory light as they have turned out to be, aren't a patch on the misery that evil old bitch thatchwhore caused during her stint as dictator.
I am amazed that by now everyone does not know that a large number of religious idiots have got themselves elected without making their affiliations known to the electorate. The Labour party is just as bad. However there are Humanist groups in both parliamentary parties. They have web sites and it is worth looking them up.

One of the things that AtheismUK has been trying to do (and this isn't a shameless plug!!) is trying to survey what religious beliefs our MPs actually have, as we all know beliefs inform actions and their actions in the voting lobbies have consequences for the rest of us.


We have had a few replies but we could do with more! If you could pop over to the webiste and contact your MP with the questionnaire and let us know the result it would be most appreciated:


Of course a couple of them have sort of said (reading between the lines) "We are secular non-believers really, but please don't tell my constituents as I can't afford to lose votes." Which sort of surprises me in the UK!


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