I was trying to see if there are any other members here from Liverpool and can't find any. I don't know if that's because there are none here, or that we're circumspect about being location specific. Anyway I thought it would be good for us to get some kind of idea where we all are. As minorities on this site anyway, I'm keen to be seen as a valuable group and maybe even meet up with others if possible. I'm in touch with a handful of Brits on here, but more would be very welcome.

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I chose that picture because it's nice, and it's near me.
You have my simpathy mate i was born in the south but lived in England for most of my life. I served in Belfast in the 60 and 70 and know how ingraned their beliefs are.But i see you as a ray of light, I hope things are getting better, when I look back on all the suffering and what i did I hope it was all worth it.
I live near Rochester in Kent and have the same problem - my nearest Humanist group is 30 miles away in Canterbury.
hello, I live near Reading in Berkshire.
I am not far away Burnley. I cant say I know many people who would describe them selfs as atheists. But I do know lots of people who dont care about religions.
I'm from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire not the greatest place for like minded folks.


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