Most classes are having their proposed Cataclysm changes revealed this week! Here's the link to the summary thread, which has links to the individual class change threads:

Only Shaman, Warlock and Priest are up so far, but the rest should be coming out today and tomorrow, except Paladins which looks like at least a week.

I'm pretty psyched about the Priest changes, since that's been my main for a while now (Atheist Priest? Who knew...) but I'm also looking forward to reading a number of the other ones, mainly rogue/warrior.

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Warrior just released. Heroic leap looks interesting.
ZOMG bout fucking time we get some heroic leap. hunters will now fear my warrior as they did in the burning crusade! ALSO i would like to see undead pallys. but they aint gonna do it :(
I'm loving some of the changes thusfar, but hating the AoE nerf in all raid roles. The rage normalization helps on my bear tank, but the 6 second cooldown on swipe is killing me. Paladins are still fun, but somehow more squishy as a tank (maybe I haven't invested enough time in checking out reforging). Priest healing is meh. But the normalization in other dps classes is very nice.

Still, I will not complain when Recount puts my shadow priest still at the top of the guild's meters (and has been for the last year). Shadow orbs? pwn!
After trying numerous combinations and talking over numbers with one my guild-mates, haste will still be the way to go, at least in respect to crit. Four casts of Mind Flay between Mind Blast cooldowns is outstanding. I'm loving the spirit/hit conversion through talents, alas healing priests are still going to have preference on drops that have spirit in future raid content (guild loot rules).

I am curious of your thoughts on Mastery and Dark Evangelism (after acquiring the points to get it). I've given a little time to mastery and thusfar have seen no real benefit. I imagine that gear that has mastery rating will change this, but I can't see a massive benefit over haste in the limited testing I have done.

I will also agree that Shadow Priests, while still powerful, are mana-batteries. But most caster classes have their own replenishment mechanics, which is really nice :D




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