I read that Warcraft has lost over a million players since Cata hit. Generally, people seem to not like the most recent expansion. What are your ideas to save the game? What aspects do you think are now missing that made you like the game more before Cata?

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fuck wow

try a new game, wow is truly a drain on the mmo industry. it made people think that wow is how an mmo has to be, in the past games had much more freedom, better communities and alot more to them.. not just a train ride where you look out the window always on the same destination without any choice where you are going or how you will get there

I've actually tried LotR online, Aeon, Warhammer and Rift since I started playing WoW back in 2006. None of them really picked up. I'm looking forward to The Secret World and Star Wars old Republic, though :)




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