Well, it's over. For 3 days in early October, a brilliant assemblage of atheist scientists, philosophers, educators and activists met at a hotel in Burbank along with 700+ like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, promote causes and, sometimes, just plain have a good time (anyone who thinks atheists are juiceless intellectuals too stuffy to enjoy life has obviously never attended an after-hours convention party!). Old friendships were renewed and new ones forged as people as atheists from all over the world mixed and talked. Some were even from Moslem countries where admission of atheism might result in a death sentence and it was especially poignant to see them able, for a change, to let their guard down and relax among friends...
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Was a great time, and great meeting a heap of fellow freethinkers. It was, in a word, awesome.
I hope that all those who attended the LA Convention - and those who couldn't - will consider making a trip 'Down Under' for the AAI Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia, next March.

It's going to be huge. We're expecting around 2,500 delegates, which will make it one of the largest ever gatherings of atheists.

Speakers include: Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Peter Singer, AC Grayling, Stuart Bechman, Russell Blackford and many, many more.

Melbourne is an exciting, stylish, cosmopolitan city with beautiful parks, a stunning mix of modern and colonial architecture, quaint trams, and incredible restaurants of every ethnicity you can imagine.

I do hope we'll see many members of this group there!
Well I had a great time, well worth the 11 hour flight from the UK to get there!

..and the jet lag now I'm back home!

Can't make the Australia one, but I should make it to Montreal! (and maybe even Copenhagen)!
I really really really wish I could go to Australia...but I can't afford it (nor do I have enough annual leave!)


Does anyone have any details of the Copenhagen Convention (especially the dates!) so I can at least book some leave!
The cosponsored AAI-Danish Atheist Society convention/conference will be in June, although the exact dates aren't finalized at this point. Australia is the next stop on the AAI world tour, and I hope I can make it.


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