The Theist community has dominated this world for long and one of the few things that has propelled them is that this philosophy was copied by colonizers of countries such that where ever they went they made the governments or kingdoms by then get loyal and incorporate those beliefs in their communities and cultures.

In Africa, countries were scrambled for and foreign religions were initiated and imposed on our people.Formerly Africans by then had their own religions but were suppressed. In here even my fore fathers just like the foreign religions were all created by humans themselves and as we now realized that all these are man made, its high time we question them and bring light to the world that our people are being conned, its high class robbery and in writings which they claim to be "holy".

The religious people though having made some good contributions but they torture the minds of people with their false claims,rewards and punishments. I know they have built hospitals, schools, health centers, orphanages, roads, banks to mention but a few and in my opinion i think we Free thinkers can also copy the same and do things that are going to benefit and turn people's lives better. I know so many people out there have mixed feelings towards religion but have no alternative or a substitute.

I myself have set an example by initiating a school called Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda available on the web at, a country which is set up on a Christian Foundation with a national motto that says "For God and my Country" and i am likely to also venture in a number of projects depending on availability of resources. Hope the world employs such techniques in our efforts to promoting freethought.

May i get your opinions, views and criticisms. Thanks.

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