This thread will be a place to post links to sources of information on Absurdism.

The Myth of Sisyphus, by Albert Camus, is an essay on Absurdism. SparkNotes has done an excellent job of summarizing it. It's the best and most complete source of information on Absurdism that I've seen on the internet. You can find it here...

The Stranger, also by Albert Camus, is a novel written around the same time as he wrote The Myth of Sisyphus. It has a strong Absurdist theme to it. SparkNotes wrote a summary of it, as well. It can be found here...

The Plague, another novel by Albert Camus, also has a strong Absurdist theme to it. SparkNotes also wrote a summary of this book. You can find it here...

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Thanks for starting this group. I think I will like it here. Hope we can keep it active. I'm enjoying reading the links you've provided here, though it will take me some time to get through them all.
I am currently reading "The Rebel," by Albert Camus, and so far, it is pretty good.




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