This thread is to showcase and discuss various examples of Absurdism that can be found in art, music, film, poetry, etc.

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Well, William S. Burroughs is not my favorite, but Naked Lunch is quite absurdist at times. (Mmm, Mugwamp jizm anyone?)

So is Forbidden Zone (image above). Though I have not seen that in years. Brazil is also quite absurd at times, though not my favorite.

I'm sure I could think of others over time. I know I've come across a lot of absurdism in art over the years.

Do you consider Bizarre to be Absurd as well?
Sorry, I forgot to select "follow" on this dicussion. I love Fight Club! I want to read the book soon.

I'll read that Theatre of the Absurd as soon as I can.

You said "Living with the Absurd is a lot like having a gun always pressed against the back of our head. It's a constant reminder to go after what we want now because there is no tomorrow. It's a reminder to cherish every moment we have as if it's our last, because it actually could be our last."

But I don't necessarily agree with the choice of the word "absurd" here. I think that "awareness of death" is more apropos than "absurd". To me, per your earlier post too, absurd deals more with the futility of life -- or the apparent futility (among other things).
Well, when you put it that way, I can see your meaning. I'll need to study the absurd concept more perhaps, before I can comment more clearly. Those links you first posted are quite long. :)




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