This was a topic on someone's facebook, today.  I wanted some opinions without a religious spin.  Believe it or not, people began to bring religion into it. least statistically. The marriage rate for African Americans has been dropping since the 1960s, and today, we have the lowest marriage rate of any racial group in the United States. In 2001, according to the U.S. Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.9 percent of black women in America had never been married, in contrast to 27.4 percent and 20.7 percent respectively for whites. African American women are the least likely in our society to marry. In the period between 1970 and 2001, the overall marriage rate in the United States declined by 17 percent; but for blacks, it fell by 34 percent. Such statistics have caused Howard University relationship therapist Audrey Chapman to point out that African Americans are the most uncoupled people in the country.

How have we gotten here? What has shifted in African American customs, in our community, in our consciousness, that has made marriage seem unnecessary or unattainable?

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I'd be interested to know the comparable divorce rates too. Are African Americans more or less likely to have had a divorce?

Right Debbie.  I would like to know that, too. 


On facebook, someone said the problem was that we don't let God pick our mates.  We try to do it ourselves.  sheesh.

I guess it is historically traceable to the obnocious slave trade phenomenon. Black slaves were not allowed to live together as a family in the real sence of it, hence, blacks did not evolve a tradition of a sustainable family life. Another factor is the inferiority complex ingrained into black's psyche by post slave trade era, the rejection by the white population, the poor image of black family portayed in the media, print and TV, all combine to produce low esteem behavoural pattern amongst the larger black population who in turn find it difficult to engage in meaningful marriage relationship or bonding.

These are some interesting stats and the reasons behind them are numerous. From our overpopulation of prisons to our absence in colleges. I agree with Danladi in many respects. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and limited jobs opportunity for our black men all contribute to our waning marital stats.

On the flip side, the marriage rate is falling among all races. Probably the unfair division of property in divorce is turn off for those wishing to choose a mate.

The real problem as I see it, is the unwed mother issue. Choosing to remain single is one thing, however our community is bombarded by single moms who recieve no physical, financial or emotional support from the fathers. This is real issue and we (as out spoken and upstanding citizens) need to stand up and demand that fathers take part. We also need to let young women know that they should take control of their lives and bodies and not settle for punks who only want one thing.

well said, strong words.

I know many women who believe there are no decent men.  I know even more men who have concluded that there are no good women.  


A lot of the gentle men that I meet say they are looking for a woman but these men are so comfortable financially that they refuse to settle for 'just any ole woman'.  Same is true for the ladies.  Each is looking for the other to bring their A game; a B game won't suffice.  I suspect in about 10 years this 40 something age group will start to marry as they need someone to assist with their healthcare needs.




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