Ok, has anyone had a paranormal experience?  Do you believe in the paranormal?  Have you seen a ghost, spirit, the dead or whatever.


Many folks have told me that they have had things come to them in dreams, seen a ghost/spirit or whatever.  Me, I haven't experienced it.


Has anyone here experienced anything like that?


I tried to have this discussion on fb but it ended up a religious debate!

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I've never had any such experience while awake.  As a child I use to always have dreams about my dead relatives coming back to get me.  With every funeral I attended I had to deal with a new one haunting my dreams.  It got so bad I stopped attending funerals.  Then when I was 21 my grandmother died and I was not going to go to her funeral, so my family was really upset with me because I was like one of her most important things in life, I was her favorite.  The night before the funeral I had a dream that started with me in the funeral home alone in the viewing room.  I walked up to her casket and she jumped up, grabbed me, and said, "I'M GONNA MAKE YOU GO".  I woke up sweating and scared.  So the morning of the funeral I was in attendance, and have never had one dream about her coming back to get me, and the dreams about the others coming back to get me have stopped.  Now when I was religious I felt it was her solving my problem from beyond the grave, but now I figure it was something going on in my mind that has to have a better explanation than spookiness.  Maybe deep inside I felt guilty for not going to her funeral, and I never had a dream about her coming back to get me, because I was an adult, and too damn old to be afraid of things like that.  I dunno.


 I also use to have what I describe as a betrayal dream.  In the dream I’m a kid sitting in the living room with my sister and of the living room we had this back room, and she’ll be playing with her toys, and something tells me to say to her, “do not throw your toys in the back room” After I tell her this, she looks at me and does it anyway.  After she does this a monster comes out, and my sister is nowhere to be found, it’s just me, so I run out the house and go down to a neighbor’s house (I run to the same neighbor every time) and I ask them to hide me, and they agree to hide me.  But a few minutes later, there a knock on the door, and they tell the monster I’m hiding in their house, so I get up and run out the house.  This dream was never ending and would continue with me constantly running until I would wake up.  I haven’t had this dream since I got caught by the monster one night, and was ripped up.  Weird.


Honestly, I hardly even have dreams at all anymore, and when I do, most of the time it's about my fear of heights.  I'll be walking down the street and my body just gets tossed up to the clouds and then falls back to the earth, and my heart starts pounding and I'll wake up just before I hit the ground.  


I promise I'm totally sane.  But they do say crazy people don't know they're crazy.  Hmmmm.......



Thomas, your quote

"Now when I was religious I felt it was her solving my problem from beyond the grave, but now I figure it was something going on in my mind that has to have a better explanation than spookiness."

I like that, because for me, I have been able to come up with a scientific, medical explanation for anything that has happened to me.


I have been told I am an empath.  I don't know if I am actually feeling someones emotions, or if I am just very observant.


Recently, I had an associate bring a guy over for me to meet.  She wanted my opinion.  When, I called her to give her my opinion, I told her "I don't know, I think he uses drugs".  She says no way.  Maybe some chronic but that's it.  I said no, more than some weed.  But she assured me, he was clean.


Well, a few days later, she found out he was a cocaine user. Not sure, how I got the conclusion about him.


Does anyone have a scientific explanation for that one?


Now, I have never used cocaine in my life.  Not sure how I knew that.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I believe in ghosts or anything, but I've definitely had a paranormal experience. It was a night back in October 2009 during my freshman (and only) year at Louisiana State University:

I was asleep and had a dream (about what I can't remember) and I was suddenly startled awake, but not by my dream. I awoke (so to speak) feeling as though something was strangling me; I couldn't breath and I was unable to move my arms and legs. My eyelids were trembling because I was straining so hard to open them, but they just wouldn't open. I remember rocking back and forth, trying to gain enough momentum to roll over while mouthing the words "help me, help me, wake me up." But I'm sure I was already awake. After about thirty seconds I was able to move and breathe again, but needless to say I didn't go back to sleep. I heard a voice after the ordeal saying, "Well, you got away this time. It won't happen again."

In a way that event has had some significance, my life (and admittedly my mental state) begun to spin out of control after that night. But that's a very long story that would probably scare the mess of out people.

 Albert, I've had the I cannot get up, feeling held down state before.  However, in my case, I explain it as not being fully awake.  I read about this type of sleep state, somewhere.  It was very interesting.


But neva, have I heard a voice.  OMG Boysie!!!!  That would have scared the shit outta me!  literally, lol.

It scared the hell out of me too! It was insane! I was still somewhat religious at the time so it almost made me want to go to church, but then I looked in my wallet and decided that wouldn't be such a good idea...
Oh yea, I’ve had that happen too. I was sleep and woke up but could not open my eyes, move, or speak. I heard the television on and then I heard some growling. I woke up scared thinking a demon had been messing with me. I was still a Christian at the time and remember being told by my aunt that tormenting demons try to steal information from your spirit while you sleep. This did not help me at all, and made me even more scared.

I've read about similar experiences and have found that this occurs when your brain wakes before your body does or it hasn’t told it to yet. So that explains that, or seems to be a far better explanation than a spooky one. Now the growling I heard...ummm. Maybe I was hungry and it was my stomach? Lol I dunno

I remember the Bible teaching if you seen anything, it was a demon or a familiar spirit. 

The mind is powerful. I've had that very same experience on more than one occasion throughout my lifetime but one thing I realize is that it always happens when I’m sleep, when the subconscious mind is running amuck. That damn subconscious mind of mine.  High anxiety, stress, fears, and trauma; especially childhood trauma, I believe, have a lot to do with it.


My sympathies. I was so disgusted i cancelled atheist nexus for a while. Although i am white i relate more to black culture because i have a musical mind. It is not just innate rhythmn that black people have, it is also a musical affinity which means a disposition to non-linear mind. Or the right side of the brain or intuitive mind. This paranormal is a function of this capacity on a deeper level to be able to navigate the subconcious mind or more specifically the collective unconscious. Then " wierd stuff" can take place like seeing a ghost, which i have numerous times although more to do with sensing the presence of. Naturally,,, as an atheist i am not on board with dead people coming back but they can live on in the collective unconscious for up to 10 days after death. I also believe that in places like Auchwich they are haunted because the trauma lives on and we can pick up on it " pschically" athough, as i said,, it is more about navigating intuitively. None of this requires God and quantum physicicist would be the first to tell you that the cosmos is much wierder than we imagine- that it is more about energy than stone cold physical reality. Maybe people live as a bundle of energy in our minds after they die die even if no more than a hologram of sorts. I dont care i have met em and pretty impartially as an observer because i am neither into God or into psychic phenomena which is often as excitable as ufo sightings( oh why oh why doesnt the third world see ufos because they are not technological soceities with a western fetish to deify science)Another thing too that i get haw-hawed on this site is believing in astrology. Yet i have a book by Grant Lewis Heaven Knows What where the person i look upncould not be anyone else. It makes no sense but i keep an open mind. I googled once t o find out how it could possibly work. I got an answer from " The Trees" who said it is nothing to do with the planets ( as i suspected) but to do with a non-linear use of numbers, which people understood before the advent of science 500 yrs ago which debased the non-linear way of using numbers. The only other thing i have with paranormal is ability to literally summom others out of coincidence ; out of a needle in a haystack i have bumped into people. Something you should know on a soul level and people have turnedup on cue because they needed to too on sub or conscious levels. To me it is proof of a deep pivot happening on a soul level; the pivot in the collective unconscious. No i dont believe in any God.. but it is no reason to shut down on intuitive functioning. Sick of this site with its predominance with the linear rational mind




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