What is your opinion on the number of African Americans in the prison system?  Check out the clip of Judge Mathis speaking on the subject.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twM3_ZLfaeU

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The fact that products are  produced at prisons for profit.  You even have companies that hire inmates to do their telemarketing.  When incarceration becomes profitable, it's a bad combo!

Soon as a saw this post I tried to find a book I heard about on Pacifica radio written by a white man from the south on how slavery endured well into the 1940s and 1950s in the south in the form of forced labor bourne by black men in the prison system.  Cant find it.


I will say that despite the inequities in our legal system and other societal inequities, most people still largely have the ability to avoid choosing actions that land one in prison. So that would be a difference.


But I agree that there is a huge economic incentive in the prison business

Ok, thanks for you opinion James.


I would not saying you are wrong in your analogy, but I have to address some things regarding your post.


Yes, prisoners do need something to do all day, however, when you make prison profitable, you are asking for trouble!!!  Incarceration becomes big business!!!  Charging an inmate slave wages to do work.  WINNING!  For the Corp, that is.  Prisons are suppose provide some type of rehabilitation.  Tho, not much of that happens, because there is no money in the cure.  Like the pharmaceutical  (sp?) companies, there's no money in the cure!!!!


And yes, prisons house all races.  However, the statistics shows that more Black are incarcerated while Whites are given things like probation, for the same exact crimes!!!!!!!!  So yes, prisons house all races but statistics show, if you go before a judge, and you are non White, you are more likely to be incarcerated.










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