Bands, genres. Name it all!

There are few metalgenres I don't enjoy that much, metalcore and pure doom would be two of those. I have outgrown most power metal and all its siblings as well as heavy metal and thrash, and goth never did that much to me.

Everything else though, I swallow whole.

My favorite bands would be Insomnium and Kamelot. For more information, check ;)

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Did you ever listen to ministry when they started out? when they sounded kinda like New Order?
Anything and everything good. I first started out with Slipknot. I have so much music, it's hard to keep track or artists. Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Black Sabbath..etc. If somehow there are similar artists, I wouldn't mind hearing them. I'm into new artists as well, so bring on the screams.
I'm still getting into metal, but some of my favorite groups are Tool, NIN (are they actually metal? I like them anyway), Maximum the Hormone, Metalica, Megadeth, and various others.
Alot of older stuff...
Led Zeppelin
Type O Negative
etc etc etc etc
I'm a huge Rush fanatic, though they don't exactly meet the metal definition

Other favorites:

Lacuna Coil
Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Black Tide
I listen to alot of death, black, thrash, and other types. A short band list from the top of my head.

Arch Enemy, Angel Corpse, At The Gates, Behemoth, Belphegor, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Crpytopsy, Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Dismember, Entombed, Gorgoroth, Ghoul, Hypocrisy, Immortal, Kreator, Krisiun, Lamb of God, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, Necrophobic, Necrophagist, Obituary, Pantera, Pestilence, Regurgitate, Repulsion, Slayer, Sepultura, Six Feet Under, Usurper, Vader, Vomitory.

Recommendations welcome :)
The first metal album I ever bought was Saint Vitus eponymous debut. A young punk at the time, I thought I hated metal, but that album was awesome. Obviously, I have an appreciation for trad doom bands like Cathedral, Candlemass, Reverend Bizarre and the epic Solitude Aeturnus. But I really go for black metal. Favorites include Negura Bunget, Drudkh, Blut Aus Nord, early Abigor, pre-Gaahl Gorgoroth, Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, and Melechesh. While I try to avoid overt NSBM, I can't help but like what I've heard of bands like Kroda and Walknut. My formative years were spent consuming large quantities of harsh noise, death industrial, and power electronics, so I don't shy away from the transgressive coming from artists with possibly esoteric fascist leanings. Keep metal evil.
Hey all,

I love all the standard bands which I'm sure all of you know (from various genres):

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Death, Helloween, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Ensiferum, Symphony X, Kalmah etc...

Bands which I haven't seen in these pages that I highly recommend (don't forget to hit the HQ button):

Melechech - originally from Jerusalem, this Sumerian (lyrics about Sumerian mythology, which is badass) black metal band is one of my favorite discoveries and have one of the most unique sounds of any band I know. The heavy incorporation of middle eastern riffs and tones just gives me eargasms.

Primordial - Irish folk/black metal band. Absolutely brilliant. The vocals convey so much emotion.

Rotting Christ - Greek black/gothic metal band. Their name alone pissed off Dave Mustaine (who happens to be a born-again Christian), so you know they're definitely worth your attention.

There's plenty more I can recommend. But if anyone knows of other bands that would tickle my fancy (given the examples from above), please list!
Hoorah for Melchesh and Rotting Christ :)
If you like Melechesh, have you checked out Absu? They are lead by Proscriptor, who was the drummer for Melechesh on Djinn and Sphynx. Where Melechesh is Sumerian, Absu goes for Celtic influenced Blackened Thrash. There latest eponymous album is a bit of a disappointment, but Tara is awesome.

Yes I know Absu :D Tara was an amazing album.
Been a fan of metal since I first heard Black Sabbath 36 years ago.
I listen to everything from Amon Amarth to Zimmers Hole.
Prog, Death, Thrash, Black, Symphonic, Power, they're all just words to me.
If I like it I'll listen to it.



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