What albums are you pumped for this year?


I'm personally pumped for 




-The Faceless


-Omnium Gatherum


-Born Of Osiris


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Opeth, Omnium Gatherum, and The Faceless here as well. Also...

Chrome Division

And some more...

Septic Flesh
Arch Enemy
Amon Amarth
I just got the new DevilDriver on Friday. It's awesome! I also got the new Murderdolls and am seriously looking forward to the new Otep.
I just heard the new DevilDriver. It's way better than their last album, I'm glad they stepped it up while keeping their same style.

I haven't listened to Murderdolls in years. They're probably going to have a pretty damn sweet tour.

I still haven't listened to the new Amon Amarth yet. Once I get free time, I hope to give it a whirl.

Machine Head released a new album in 2011 and it was their best album yet imo

Megadeth was also good but Dave Mustaine  is releasing albums so fast my head spins.  Still love him though.

I know im late to the party on this discussion since it is 2012 now but I just had to add. Especially since no one mentioned Machinehead "I Am Death!" loveit!


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