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I'm new to AN, and looking through the introductions I see there are many other LC fans here. They have become a favorite of mine in the last few years. I just saw them for the first time when they opened for Disturbed.

My wife and I went, along with my 15 year old son and his friend. I had two sets of tickets: One pair in the arena corner (this was the Target Center, a basketball arena) and another pair that was on the "Maus" side of the stage, just 5 rows up. My kid is a big Disturbed fan, so the plan was, my wife and I would have the good seats for Chimaira and LC, and then we'd swap with the kids for Killswitch Engage and Disturbed.

During Chimaira there was nobody on rows 1-4 in front of us, and I noticed two guys approached the security dude during their set, and he let them sit there. They left during the break, so I asked the security guy if we could move down for the next band, He said sure. Awesome. So when the lights went down we moved from row 5 to row one, on the rail.

LC live. Wow. What a way to pop my cherry. I noticed that during Chimaira most folks in our section were sitting. Well, when To The Edge started I was at the rail and I wasn't sitting. I was going nuts. I must have stood out very clearly, because by the first chorus Cristina noticed me, and she came over onto the little platform right next to me, looked at me, pointed at me, and was almost singing in my face. It was surreal. The rock goddess herself. Damn.

She came over one more time, but for the rest of the terribly short show, it was Maus that noticed me. He came out onto the little platform and really responded to my headbanging. He tried three times to toss me a pick but each time they fell short!

According to info the band posted on myspace, they were doing some autograph sessions hosted by FYE before some shows - not my show, of course, but one the next day down in Iowa. I really wanted to meet them, so I drove the 3.5 hours down from Minneapolis

When I got to Des Moines at 4pm there was no FYE booth. I talked to Security, no one knew what was going on. By 5:15 I talked to the woman that was at the Guitar Center booth. She told me that the FYE signing had been cancelled in Des Moines, and that they had actually signed in Minneapolis (my home town) instead! (Insert howl of pain and woe right here)

I'll get over - because they are coming back in July, and offering VIP packages including a meet and greet, and I bought them for the Waterloo, IA show as well as the St. Paul show. I cannot wait to meet them all. Will probably also see them in KC. (Some VIP tickets might still be available, go over to emptyspiral.com)

Curious to see what folks think of Shallow Life. I am sadly underwhelmed by it. Not in the same league as Karmacode and Comalies and Unleashed Memories.

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Not a big LC fan, I am no that much into gothic metal. I know the feeling of meeting members of your favorite band though :) Myself, I got the honor to carry Mr. Mikael Stanne when he did a public dive.
I've seen them in concert a couple times, once at OzzFest and once during the Jaigermeister tour. They were VERY good, but I haven't listened to the new album much. I guess I'm a little disappointed too. But I do like Comalies (and a few tracks from Karmacode).
Lacuna Coil got me through some dark times.....and reinforced my Lust for Diva metal....Nightwish is officially the First Diva Metal band I heard.

^_^ love em




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