I'm surprised there isn't a thread about live shows. Here's who I seen in 2009 and 2010, and how they were live

Behemoth - Amazing, jaw dropping. The drumming was good, the sound guys were terrible, but they made most of it and still had a fantastic show
Satyricon - Amazing headbanging, Frost sounded uber loud and fast. Played pretty much all of their hits new and old. Crowd was a bit stagnant though...
Arch Enemy -  The guitars were fantastic! Angela Gossow was great as well. Her vocals were great and she can bang with the best of them!
Converge - sorry, they were reaaaally bad live.... People had their middle fingers up and were telling them to go home.  Never heard much of their studio stuff, but they were pretty bad.... and they had a long set!
Mastodon - Pretty Good, the fans were more crazy about it than I was, but it was a solid performance, their guitars were pretty good.
Dethklok - They were great, I think the breaks between songs took a hair out of it, but it was a really really fun experience for me, Gene Hoglan was ofcourse awesome, and the band was overall tight.
DevilDriver - wow, talk about sounding like their albums and they were intense.
Exodus - I was a bit surprised, the new lead singer was kinda "eh" in their albums, but was damn good live, he riled everyone up, and they performed great.
Suffocation - I was a bit disappointed, they kinda sounded generically loud, maybe it was an off night....
Thy Will Be Done - Awesome band, played to the crowd, they are a band to watch....
High On Fire - Three piece band, pretty damn good! Pike had some good stage presence. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that they had a pretty small set.

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I haven't been to a show since the 90's. I think the last show I went to was Slayer after they released Divine Intervention in 1994. Machine Head opened for them. It was either that or Metallica when Danzig opened up for them.
I was suppose to go to a Slayer/Megadeth concert this February but it was canceled because Slayer's lead singer had to have back surgery. This August in Detroit I have the chance to see them though. The new Slayer CD World Painted Blood is awesome. It came with a DVD with a 20 minute short called Playing with Dolls. It was different from anything I have seen before and I thing that is will become a Metal "Cult Classic".
Slayer has a new album out? I've been out of the loop for a while.
Dude! I have a VHS copy of a show that Slayer Played. Rob, from Machine Head sang Witching Hour" by Venom with them. It's called Live Intrusion. On the off chance you didn't know about it.

Hail and Kill
Hi Jennifer. I went to the Rockstar Mayhem festival in Dallas last September. It was my second time seeing Behemoth, and even in the outdoor Dallas heat, they were relentless. I had a friend with me who had never listened to them. His comment after their set was, "They just found a new fan!"

Cannibal Corpse played after Behemoth - Really what can one say? It's just heads-down brutality. Fantastic.
Killswitch Engage - Seriously? Can one band suck THAT bad?
Slayer - I had never seen them before and was never as big a fan of theirs as I am Exodus. Seeing them live was very impressive.
Marilyn Manson - Lackluster performance and he seemed bored. Meh.

Last year I saw Testament, Motorhead (my all-time favorite), Heaven and Hell, and Judas Priest. In my world, Motorhead can do no wrong. Heaven and Hell is always, ALWAYS, a good concert. I've never been disappointed with the Dio-fronted version. JP seems to basically have the same show they had when I saw them in the 80's. Good and well-rehearesd, but nothing too exciting.

Now for Friday, Feb 12th at the Marquee in Tulsa: http://www.enterthevault.com/artist.php?id=170
I've seen Nile before, but really, check out the lineup. Can one get enough death metal?
Immolation, Krisiun, and Nile headlining.

Diablo Swing Orchestra? My interest has been piqued.
(Heads to iTunes to hear of what Methis speaks)
Nile And Immolation for the fucking win! \m/ <-_-> \m/
Type O Negative - saw them three times Fan frickin' tastic' funny too
Sonata Arctica - twice... REALLY good power metal show really entertaining.
The Agonist - Sucked... decent if you like hardcore....singer was hot.....but that's really all I can say.
Satyricon - synchronized hair whips are awesome! and so is black metal
Moonspell - opened for blackest of the black....too short a set....SOO GOOOD!
Dimmu Borgir - I cried....I'm sorry they where soo good.
Danzig - Not really a metal show...but damn groovy
Seventh Void - they where ok....didn't really dig the style....

soo many more I need to think more.....
Metal Shows:

Sonata Arctica (twice): What can I say? They are fun and always deliver. And Tony's kind of a pervert!

Blind Guardian: My brother and I where waiting for 12 years to see this band! WELL WORTH THE WAIT. We received a rating of "Absolutely fucking brilliant" from Hansi himself. I died that day.

Nightwish: Post Tara, but still was a really great show. Met Jukka and Marco, Really cool guys.

Behemoth: It's already been said.

Gwar (twice): It's fucking Gwar, comman!

Municipal Waste: Balls to the wall THRASH. Took me right back to the 80's! WOOT.

Paradise Lost: A lot of people didn't like them, but they where opening for Nightwish, so there where a lot of Tweens who didn't know anything about metal there. Fucking Posers.

Echoes of Eternity: Fun as Hell.

Leaves Eyes: It's really hard to stand still when Alex Krull is yelling at you the whole time to "MOVE" Amazing show and amazing band.

Queensryche: Only half a set, Geoff blew out his voice. *sigh, I'd still go see them again

Trans Siberian Orchestra: Nose Bleed Section, but still a lot of fun. All of Savatage was there! I may have been the only one there who knew that.

Non-Metal Shows:

Electric Six: Rock-Disco from Detroit! Represent!

Shit, I've actually been to a lot of shows! Cool!

Hail and Kill
Being Kyle's Brother....I got FIRED from my job for seeing blind guardian....soo good
Sick of It All. Best of all time for all times, see their German shows, insane!
Clutch, good, Kreator I bet is bad ass, Deftones may be different now w/bassist's car crash...
I bet Sworn Enemy is good live. Earth Crisis? Bad Brains. Otep, the singer, she's bad ass. Obituary always on point. I dig Cold World. Terror. Scars on Broadway, melody'ish metal but good. Even off genre but Dizzee Rascal has some heavy stuff, gotta research his hard beats..
Haven't been to too many concerts recently (damn recession)...

Jan '10: Epica. Ah, I loved it! Too many opening bands, but Epica sounds amazing (Simone can sure sing!) live. My boyfriend and I had a nerdgasm when they performed "The Imperial March". :)

Nightwish: Also post-Tarja. The first time we were supposed to see them, in Sept. '08, Anette was sick, so Sonata Arctica did a free show. The second time was May 2009. Thankfully it went off w/o a hitch and it was a good show. I would have loved to have seen them w/Tarja, but I didn't start listening to Nightwish until they were already looking for a new singer.

I also saw Weird Al a couple of times during his last tour. Always a good time. LOL. Recently I saw the Pyrates Royale and the O'Danny Girls, a couple of well known acts from the MD Renaissance Festival.

I bought tickets to see Kamelot and Leaves Eyes in Sept '10. Months away, but I am looking forward to it! I would like to see Moonspell and Dethklok someday.
My brother and I just went to kreator and Evile and Voivod and LAZARUS A.D. and a couple of local bands.

KREATOR is REALLY good live...and Voivod was WAY better live then I ever expected them to be




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