I'm surprised there isn't a thread about live shows. Here's who I seen in 2009 and 2010, and how they were live

Behemoth - Amazing, jaw dropping. The drumming was good, the sound guys were terrible, but they made most of it and still had a fantastic show
Satyricon - Amazing headbanging, Frost sounded uber loud and fast. Played pretty much all of their hits new and old. Crowd was a bit stagnant though...
Arch Enemy -  The guitars were fantastic! Angela Gossow was great as well. Her vocals were great and she can bang with the best of them!
Converge - sorry, they were reaaaally bad live.... People had their middle fingers up and were telling them to go home.  Never heard much of their studio stuff, but they were pretty bad.... and they had a long set!
Mastodon - Pretty Good, the fans were more crazy about it than I was, but it was a solid performance, their guitars were pretty good.
Dethklok - They were great, I think the breaks between songs took a hair out of it, but it was a really really fun experience for me, Gene Hoglan was ofcourse awesome, and the band was overall tight.
DevilDriver - wow, talk about sounding like their albums and they were intense.
Exodus - I was a bit surprised, the new lead singer was kinda "eh" in their albums, but was damn good live, he riled everyone up, and they performed great.
Suffocation - I was a bit disappointed, they kinda sounded generically loud, maybe it was an off night....
Thy Will Be Done - Awesome band, played to the crowd, they are a band to watch....
High On Fire - Three piece band, pretty damn good! Pike had some good stage presence. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that they had a pretty small set.

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The last show with a metal band that I saw was Pantera on their Vulgar Display of Power Tour. The Crucified, a local christian thrash/punk band opened for them. Great show! That had to be like 1992. LOL
Mael Mordha/Skyforger/Manegarm at Heathen Crusade 2 - Just being able to see some really great bands that would normally be unavailable in the states was a great treat. And all three of them killed.

Agalloch - One of my top three favorite bands. In terms of atmosphere, one of the most crushing shows I've been to.

Finntroll/Korpiklaani - Didn't see them together, but they were both really FUN shows. I love the drunk folka atmosphere.

Dissection/At The Gates in 96 - Speaks for itself. Hearing Storm Of The Light's Bane live is a shining moment for me.

Amon Amarth/Ensiferum - Viking Goodness. Though it was a shame that Ensiferum had such a short set.

Some of those arent necessarily the most recent, but off the top of my head they're probably the best in show of my concert going career.
I don't see many show anymore. Last shows I went to was Slayer a few years back and in the same year I also saw Social Distortion. I do plan on seeing Nomeansno in October. Of course they are not metal.
Saw a lot of amazing bands this summer. First off saw Dark Tranquilllity with Threat Signal, Mutiny Within. I had never heard Mutiny Within in before and I was really impressed overall especially by their singer. Threat Signal were amazing as well. Of course Dark Tranquillity gave me an orgasm.

Next show was Fear Factoy, Prong, Thy Will Be Done, and Silent Civilian. Thy Will Be Done don't fuck around man. They're heavy as fuck and their singer will speak his fucking mind about real issues. Much respect to those guys. Silent Civilian were good as well. Prong had a lot of energy and worked the crowd really well. Fear Factory almost brought the fucking roof down. They are so fucking loud. Only complaint is that somewhere between Silent Civilian and Prong one of the speakers must have busted or something so the vocals for Prong and Fear Factory were kind of distorted but other than that great show.

Last but not least got to see Soilwork, Death Angel, Mutiny Within, Swashbuckle, and Augury. Second time I'd seen Mutiny Within and they great once again. Swashbuckle were fucking hilarious and for someone seemed to have the best sound of the night. Augury were ok. They're incredibly talented musicians just not my kind of music. Death Angel were really intense and had a great sound. Finally Soilwork owned the night. They played 17 fucking songs so their set sure as hell was long enough. Great mix of old and new songs. Had a good sound. I'm just really glad that Peter Wichers came back to the band.
Got to see Decapitated at Summer Slaughter fest with Faceless and The Red Chord recently.Really great show,the new Decapitated bassist was impressive live.Think they only have one original member left after the accident (R.I.P. Vitek).
Slayer has never disappointed me,although I wished I could have seen them back when "Necrophiliac" was as part of the set list.
Arch Enemy was a memorable show considering I had never heard of them before.I walk across the floor where the pit would usually be and the music starts,but there's no pit.I look around me and there's all these teenage boys glaring up with their tongues practically hanging out.So I look up to see Angela and I'm like "Holy shit,a Playboy Bunny that belt out Death Metal vox better than a guy!" LoL
Ministry puts on a great show,but I was there more to see the opener,Meshuggah. Awesome band to see live.Very precise and rhythmically tight.
Cannibal Corpse is always good,they only ever disappointed me once due to the shortness of the set list they played.But they did open their set with "From Skin To Liquid" that night.Which was a happy surprise for me considering I love that song but didn't think I'd ever see them perform it live since it's an instrumental.
Behemoth are great live also as well as Dimmu Borgir.I think Job for a Cowboy opened for them,and they were much better than I thought.
I had never heard of Cryptopsy before the first time I saw them either,and they instantly won a fan.Arsis is another band I never got into much until after seeing them live.
Origin is beyond killer live.That bassist is a MONSTER! He was throwing slap n' pop and tapping techniques into it,things you just can't hear on the studio cut 'cuz the bass is mixed so low (but then again,what else is new?).
Fear Factory was a bad-ass show,too.Dino and Gene were on point with everything,and a little faster than on the albums.Sounded a bit heavier too, believe it or not.But Bell's clean vocal parts aren't as good.He can't hold the notes in pitch very accurately as long or as loud in a live situation.



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