The new Marilyn Manson song rocks: 

This MM video is pretty wild. Released last year I guess - surprised to see that YouTube hasn't removed it. 

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Love the songs! My first introduction to MM was "The Golden Age of Grotesque", but soon found I absolutely love "Antichrist Superstar" and "Holywood". Classics.

I don't get into many of his videos (although "Tourniquet" and "Man That You Fear" are pretty tame...and I like the live version of "Cake and Sodomy" filmed in Germany. I'm not much for some of the 'interpretive' aspects or the blood, etc. As a middle-aged woman, I still have some 'old-fashioned' opinions :P

I saw MM in concert about 8 years ago and my sons, who were in high school at the time, and a few of their friends went with me. He puts on an excellent show and is quite the entertainer. Thanks for posting, these Grigoris, both videos were new to me

Really cool that you got to see them live! Would love to see them - live show has to be amazing. One favorite of mine is their cover of Personal Jesus. Perfect guy to cover that song :)

I didn't think of "Personal Jesus" - I actually prefer MM's version over Depeche Mode.

Manson really does put on a great show, well worth the time and money. Thinking about it now, I can't remember if he has toured again since then :/

If you do have the chance to catch him in concert, go for it :)

Have you had a chance to read his autobiography?  He released  it in 1999 when I was in High School.  I was not much into non fiction back then but he had intrigued me as an entertainer/character so I read it and really liked it. He did not write the book alone but I didn't care or even notice details like that back then. I see him in a different light now.  If you like MM you should really read his story.  

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Thanks for adding that, Jessica. I read his autobiography twice about 8 years ago and I wouldn't mind skimming it over. The book was borrowed from a friend of my son's who attended the concert with us. Very interesting book...definitely worth reading.

I was thinking I wouldn't mind reading it again 13 years later. I am sure I would get something different from it this time around.  I still remember going and buying the Hardback edition, brand new.  Wish I still had it....

Cool thanks for the post! Marilyn Manson is cool!

Ooh, a hardcover edition would be cool! As a librarian, I love them, but they can be pricey. I agree, with another read, you would definitely catch things you missed the first time reading it.

He is quite intelligent and entertaining and people don't give him credit for that. They see the exterior or public persona and make their decisions without looking deeper to see what makes him tick or what has influenced his music.
I agree people are shallow and only look at the exterior. They are quick to make judgements.




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