Unfortunately, all of the groups that meet and such are in Northern Alabama so some of us are kind of screwed lol

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There is a group in Mobile, but not sure of anything in your area. I would do a search on Meetup.com. if there isn't a group, I would encourage you to create one! it is really easy and you might be surprised to find you are not alone in your area...

Do you know anything about the Mobile group? Like where they meet and such?

Check this out: http://www.meetup.com/SoutheastAlabamaFreethought/

I'm up in Auburn, so I don't know if the group is active or not. Good luck!
The wife and I live in Troy, which is close-ish. We're not aware of any groups in the area, and tend to be homebodies anyway. Still, hello to everyone in south AL.
I feel your pain. I'm about 45 minutes away from the Mobile group, so it's a little far to drive. I had the same problem with astronomy groups. There are two in my area. Each is a 45 minute drive to their dark sites. I'm in the middle of nowhere.
Caleb *and anyone else reading this*

Get out for a Saturday drive this week. We have a group in Mobile (The Alabama League of Reason).
Here is a link to this Saturday's event.

If anyone else in interested, join us. And join the group at Meetup.com to keep informed of all of our events.
Yes, I will reiterate what others have posted.  TheSEAFA.org  on atheist nexus, facebook, and meetup.  Most meetups are on the weekends in the dothan area.
Andalusia here.  Ergo, I feel your pain.
I'm in Opp and I definitely feel your pain.

I know the SEAFA is incredibly active. I've never been able to make it to one of their weekly meet-ups (I'm in Opp, so Dothan can be a bit of a drive) but they get together in Dothan just about every Sunday.


I wish there were something closer, though.




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